10 Tips To Understand A Childs Behavior

Child Psychology deals with the biological, psychological, and emotional changes that occur in a child. The early years of development are essential for the child's overall well-being as they have an impact on the child's personality. A child behaves differently at different stages of their life. It can be confusing sometimes to understand what their actions or behaviors mean. 

Here are a few tips that will help you understand your child better.

1-Observe and note down their behaviors: Being around your child and observing their behaviors could help you understand them better. It is a small yet very effective way of knowing your child. Paying attention to what behavior the child indulges in when they play,  ask for something, or how they interact with others, etc. 

2- Discover their likes and dislikes: Knowing what your child adores and what makes him angry can get you a step closer to them. Knowing what your child likes or dislikes and why they feel the way they do about certain things can give you insight into their personal experiences that you may be unaware of.

3- Give them Freedom of Expression: When your child opens up to you about what interests them or what scares them, it is necessary to listen to them patiently and respect their opinions rather than laughing or ridiculing. The child may express themselves in several different ways. Allowing them to be themselves can give them an idea that my parents are my safe space and I can express myself freely in front of them. 

4- Praise the child: Over-praising your child can make the child arrogant, but praising the child in the right amount can boost their self-esteem. This can make the child know that you are their biggest support.

5- Be mindful of the child's environment: The kind of environment a child grows in can have a lot of impact on the child's thinking and personality. A loving, nourishing environment could have a positive effect on the child whereas, an environment that includes constant fights and abuses could have a negative impact on the child.

6- Educate yourself about child development: Having a basic, working knowledge of the child's brain and behavior would be helpful. A professional or a few books could help you gain insight regarding the same. It can help you understand why your child is behaving a certain way. 

7- Know the reasons behind their behavior: Sometimes the child may indulge in negative behaviors and make mistakes, but that is perfectly alright after all the child is a human being too. Instead of directly punishing the child try to understand what caused the particular behavior. 

8- Give them little space: As parents, we are always curious and we want to share every little moment with our children. But giving them a little space whenever needed could help them grow as a person. It could also make them feel like you understand them and respect them.

9- Be their best friend: Accompany your child in activities even if you find them silly. Be there for them wherever they need you. Thinking like them while doing something or while talking to them could give them a sense of relatability.

10- Let them ask questions: Children are always curious about anything and everything, they ask questions to which we often don't have the answers to. It is important to let them ask questions and be curious. Answer them in innovative ways. Avoid putting a full stop to their imagination. 


Every child is different and they often express themselves in different ways. Understanding them can be tough and time-consuming but it will be worth it in the end. Spending quality time with the child, showing empathy, asking for their opinions on things, and giving them respect will have a positive impact on their personality. 


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