3 Psychological Tests That Will Change Your Life Forever

Cognitive abilities is a field of psychology that involves reasoning, problem-solving, planning, abstract thinking, complex idea comprehension, and learning from experience.Β 

A cognitive ability test is a measurement of mental performance. It could be either specific or a broad measurement. A specific measurement would include solving a math problem while a broad measurement would include determining one's general intelligence. Psychological tests that can be used to measure cognitive abilities include:

  • Spatial reasoning test: It is a category of reasoning skills that refers to the capacity to think about objects in three dimensions and draw conclusions about those objects from limited information. People with good spatial abilities might be good at thinking about how an object will look when rotated. These skills can be improved with practice. The set of questions evaluates how well one can use their imagination and reasoning to make conclusions about the objects.

  • Diagrammatic reasoning test: It asks you to analyse a sequence of shapes, patterns, and sometimes numbers. It is also known as an abstract or inductive reasoning test. This test often has little or no textual support, nor does it contain numerical information. The test has a total of nine questions in two formats. All questions need to be answered; there is no time limit. The first three questions contain two groups of figures, and a separate figure, you have to select the option to which group the separate figure logically belongs. The last six questions present a diagram with four operators with an explanation of their behaviour, and with an incomplete operator, you have to figure out which operator or figure replaces the question mark.

  • Error checking test: It is an aptitude test that evaluates one's ability to spot errors in a set of data or text. The particular questions that are asked in this test are an effective comparison of correct information alongside an adapted version of the original text. This text consists of eight questions, which have a time limit of 4 minutes, which gives an average of 30 seconds per question.Β 


One can always improve their cognitive abilities with the help of some brain-training games, building social connections, and mindfulness meditation thereby reducing chronic stress among themselves and others around them. Cognition mainly refers to things like memory, speech, and the ability to learn new information, and cognitive ability tests are nowadays used as a part of the pre-employment test too! They can help predict job performance, one’s true to identify, their hidden potential, and helps in measuring learning and problem-solving.


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