8 Tips On How To Be A Good Therapist

A therapist helps you to understand why you feel the way you feel, or why you behave the way you do. They help the client with their mental or emotional difficulties. The client should feel comfortable with the therapist to trust the therapist. 

8 Tips on how to be a good therapist

  1. Good listener: To listen to the speaker one has to make a conscious effort to hear and understand what the speaker has to say. Listening does not only enhance your ability to understand better, but it also makes you a better communicator. Good listeners are always attentive to what the speaker is saying, they are not distracted by the surroundings. If the listener doesn't seem interested in the speaker, the speaker might conclude the conversation. Ask questions or revert to what the speaker is addressing to show them that you are interested. Reverting to the speaker energises them into telling you more and keeps the conversation going.

  2. Easy to talk to: It is normal to feel nervous, weird, or uncertain in the first few sessions. The therapist should make the client feel comfortable and at ease so that the client could feel free to share their thoughts with the therapist

  3. Check-in with the client: Therapists should check in with their clients, ask how they think the therapy is going, and adapt accordingly.

  4. Authentic: The therapist should be genuine in their communication and professional persona. The therapist should discuss the accurate facts with the client. Being authentic would demonstrate the therapist’s professionalism, credentialism, and ethics.

  5. Empathetic: The therapist should have an empathetic reaction towards the client to make them feel understood, and ensure them that they are listening, and helping the clients deal with it every step of the way.

  6. Good skills of observation: A good therapist notices the client’s body language and traits. The therapist could also help the clients notice specific traits, and help the client understand them better.

  7. Believe in their clients: A good therapist should always believe in their clients, make and help the clients to notice their worth, and reach the point where they can execute themselves to their fullest potential.

  8. Creates a healthy environment: The client should feel relaxed and focused in therapy. The surroundings should be clean, comfortable, private, and quiet to help the client hear her/his own thoughts and to have a deeper and better conversation without any disturbances. 


We all have our blind spots. A therapist won’t tell you how to live your life or what to do with your life, a good therapist would give you a perspective on your behaviours and thoughts, while helping you gain insights into yourself. Every therapist is different and will have different ways on how to deal with your emotional and mental problems. There is no problem if the client wants to change their therapist. The relationship between the client and therapist should be based on mutual trust and understanding. 


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