Consciousness And Cognition

Consciousness is said to be mental awareness of external and internal existence in which human minds have the ability to communicate easily with itself and even with people whom we are surrounded by. Our five senses come into play when we use our consciousness and communicate with the environment around us.ย 

In cognitive psychology consciousness is defined as a subjective awareness of unique thoughts, feelings, perceptions, memories and environment. Consciousness is that state where the human mind is said to be aware and is completely different from a healthy awareness that means the safety and health of body and mind.ย 

However, consciousness is different from the true definition of awareness. Our mind can be both conscious and unconscious but when this crosses our mind they donโ€™t occur in two different identities. Here comes into play our self awareness which means that our complete mind has become aware and conscious. Awareness is just a hallmark of consciousness which is not limited to just only knowledge of oneโ€™sย  existence but also understanding that one realizes and is aware of their surroundings.

There are various theories that can be separated into those that can be seen as cognitive in nature. One of the theories is higher order thought theory of consciousness. This theory posits a fundamental role for cognitive states in the explanation for conscious experience. The distinctive cognition access is mainly postulated to understand what it is like to have a conscious experience.ย 

Cognition is dedicated to examining how people think. It mainly attempts to make us understand as to why and how we think the way we do by studying the interaction between human emotions, feelings and behavior .


It has been observed for many years that the study of cognition in both cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience relies upon various theories and frameworks which helps us in understanding various cognitive processes. Variations among individuals are treated as nuisance variation.ย 


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