How Can CBT Help In Eradicating Negative Thoughts?

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a psychotherapeutic treatment that helps individuals to learn to identify and change destructive or disturbing thought patterns that negatively influence behavior and emotions. How then does it identify the negative and problematic thoughts? It uses various techniques like journaling, role-playing, mental distractions, relaxation techniques, etc.ย 

The fundamental goal of cognitive behavior therapy is to teach people that while they cannot control every aspect of the world around them, they can take control of how they interpret and deal with things in their environment which would help them in coping and managing significant challenges.

Can CBT then be helpful for all ages ranging from children to adults? Perhaps, it is a short-term focused therapy showcasing instant results and coping. One of the most essential commitments is by the therapist to help eradicate the negative thoughts of the client via goal-setting like forming healthy deadlines to engage with and problem-solving without sabotaging oneself of all the emotional trauma at once. This would in turn help in exploring oneโ€™s identity and ability via distinct CBT techniques. Negative thoughts could be administered through Dialectical Behavior Therapy or Rational Emotive Therapy to help understand distorted patterns of emotions. Thus, CBT helps in identifying, understanding, and proficiently working on the issues or concerns for the betterment of individuals. It invariably helps in detoxifying the mind of all the negative emotions, feelings, and thoughts.ย 


We can help a person to understand what therapy works the best for them regardless of the issues and troubles they are facing. The only way would be a hit and trial method, to know what works best! CBT, therefore, is a great way to oneโ€™s journey to positive effects which has proved in 70% of the cases either with OCD or those who face basic daily challenges.


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