How Can We Get Our Working Memory To Work For Us?

Working memory is a system that holds the information that is actively getting worked with and getting manipulated. This process is done to make a range of decisions and or to select specific behavioral choices. Working memory has a limited capacity and in essence we can only think of so much at once. Working memory is usually assessed by trained mental health professionals, usually psychologists. There are various tests that are used to test our working memory. Having your working memory tested can provide you with information that makes your working memory as strong as you think it is.Β 

In order to improve your working memory, we can adopt some lifestyle changes that can make us feel better and can also improve our working memory.Β 

  • The first thing that we should work on is having a balanced diet. This may include fresh fruits, green vegetables, and plenty of healthy fats. This helps in improving our brain health and memory functioning.Β 

  • The second thing is to have adequate sleep which also promotes our brain health. During rest or sleep our brain engages in necessary processes to catalog information in long term memory which is necessary for working memory to work efficiently. Sleep and brain health is crucial for working memory such as attention and concentration.

  • Maintaining our mental health is also important because people with ADHD lack concentration. Keeping ourselves not only physically healthy but also mentally is important for our brain health.

  • We can also boost our working memory by playing various brain games to both challenge and keep our mind active.Β 


As we learn memory we find it is more complex than it appears on the surface. Trained therapists, psychologists and counselors can improve their memory, to manage mental health conditions that would otherwise affect memory, and to process through any difficult memories, so they have less impact on their life.


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