How To Analyse Your Dreams

Dreams have always been a topic of curiosity. Analyzing dreams today is a very crucial topic for many people and there are many theories and steps which help in analyzing dreams. These theories help in interpreting our dreams and help us draw conclusions from them as to why we see a particular dream.

It is said that dreams are always associated with people we are close to or certain situations that we are going through. Dream analysis is closely related to a person's personal experiences, traumas, motivations, disappointments, defense mechanisms and different coping skills. Dream analysis is important as it creates deep foundations and gives deep meanings to our dreams. It should be noted that dream analysis is done through modern psychological approaches. 

The question that arises now is how dreams should be analyzed. It is difficult and impossible to make general interpretations about dreams. Every dream is created through various sources like life of the dream’s owner, personality, subconsciousness and that is why every dream should be analyzed and interpreted in unique and different ways.  

Dream analysis can be done through various ways:

  • Recording Dreams: Recording dreams is a crucial step in dream analysis as it helps you to remember events from the dream that were important and helps in connecting the dream and getting a meaning out of it. 

  • The next step is to ask what the dream is trying to tell you. This step is important as it will form our view about our dream and we might be successful to connect our dreams with the events happening in our real lives. 

  • The third step is to think about how the dream made us feel. Was it about something positive or negative? If the dream made us feel scared or happy?

  • Then there comes a dream dictionary which helps in finding the meaning of the dream related to specific events or symbols. This helps in giving elaborated meaning to our dreams. 

  •  The next thing to do is which environment and what people were surrounded in your dream. This will help you in connecting the people around your to your dream and will give you the meaning of your dream. 


Dream analysis has become an important area of research. This phenomenon of dreaming is still being studied by many scientists so that there is a proper meaning and study on dream analysis. However, Dream analysis is not completely understood but still giving meaning to your dreams and learning from theme is fun.


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