How to help a friend with Anorexia

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder characterised by severe weight loss and a fixation on achieving a body weight that is below normal. If you know somebody who has an eating issue, you may be concerned or hesitant about how you may assist your friend.

Here Are Some Tips To Help Them

  1. Being a better listener- Becoming a better listener is one way to assist your friend's suffering. While it may be tough to hear someone speak about their experiences without stepping in or giving judgment, it may be necessary for your friend to express their emotions. Be patient and encouraging. Pay close attention to what they're saying.

  2. When and what to say- It is very important to think before we say something. You must ensure that the person knows that you are there to listen to them and you are concerned. Hold your attention when they share something and notice their behaviours. Make sure it's in a private location and at an appropriate time so you don't feel rushed and your friend is comfortable. You must avoid phrases like "You should eat more!" Instead you can say something like "I noticed you haven't been eating with us lately." You should not make any comments about weight or appearance. Neither should you suggest easy answers such as "just start eating" because anorexia is a complicated condition that requires competent medical care.

  3. Providing additional support-Find out more about anorexia. Reading books and articles, watching videos, and listening to podcasts will help assist your friend. If your loved one is willing, assist them in exploring therapy choices. You might also offer to assist them in taking the first steps, such as scheduling a consultation.


Anorexia treatments might be complicated. Anorexics may be unaware that they have an eating disorder that is affecting their well-being.Consulting a psychologist is one of the first steps toward treatment. For someone who is suffering from anorexia, the appropriate therapy can make a significant impact.


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