The Benefits of Mindfulness-Based Art Therapy

We all are familiar with both mindfulness and art therapy but mindfulness based art therapy is something new in the field of psychology and it was introduced by psychologist and writer Laury Rappaport in 2009. The MBAT combines the benefit of mindfulness training within the structure of an art therapy framework. MBAT is a combination of several concepts and was made using several components. The concept of mindfulness originated from Buddist practice and it reflects the focus on awareness of emotions, physical sensation in the body and our consciousness. When we are mindful we have enhanced the ability of being self-aware and we gain the capacity to reflect our own experiences in our daily lives. 

Art therapy became popular as a form of treatment in 1940 by using art as a therapy and as psychotherapy itself. When we use art as therapy, the client uses art as a way to identify and release emotions that the client might be holding inside for a long period of time. If we use art as a psychotherapy then the therapist analyzes the art the client creates in order to develop insight into the psychological issues the client is facing. 

Mindfulness based art therapy is an approach that helps clients to approach situations from a place of acceptance and awareness. This is a technique that improves the client's understanding about their inner self and emotions. Combining mindfulness with art results in a therapeutic treatment. In simpler words it can be understood that the client gets engaged in a creative way in order to understand self. This approach is used as a tool because research based evidence is still lacking particularly in studies related to treatment and control groups. Mindfulness based art therapy connects the imagination to the body and allows one to express their feelings through art as it cannot be expressed through words. 

There are various benefits of mindfulness based art therapy that have been identified through empirical research. Some psychological issues have been cured or taken care of through the MBAT approach and this includes treating anxiety disorders, eating disorders, substance abuse, depressive disorders, stress related issues and anger related issues. MBAT is also used with individuals with physical illness in order to reduce psychological concerns including artery diseases and different types of cancer. 

MBAT can have several benefits:

  • It improves psychological stability
  • Improved quality of life
  • It thickens and develops more gray matter area in brain
  • It develops neural pathways in the brain which enables the client to create and focus on art making
  • It helps in increasing emotional awareness

MBAT is beneficial because it is easier to practice than attending psychotherapy appointments. As meditation can be practiced by self in homes similarly art therapy can also be practiced under self observation. 


Care based craftsmanship treatment consolidates types of care and workmanship to offer a technique to assist with overseeing mental issues, especially among those encountering different issues, for example, actual disease or end-of-life concerns. On the off chance that you or a friend or family member is battling with these kinds of issues, MBAT presented through a psychotherapist or other psychological well-being proficient or polished all alone at home could be useful in working on your personal satisfaction and general mental prosperity 


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