Savor the flavors of self-expression and embark on a palate-pleasing journey for the soul.

What is E.A.T?

Introducing E.A.T., a one-of-a-kind workshop experience that combines the magic of Expressive Arts Therapy with the allure of tantalizing food! With E.A.T., we aim to serve you a delightful blend of creativity and cuisine that nourishes both the body and the soul.

E.A.T. Highlights: Creative, Delicious, and Socially Savvy!

  • Expressive Arts

    Unleash your inner artist - paint, dance, write, sculpt, and more for a mood-lifting creative spree!

  • Tasty Treats

    Indulge in delectable dishes and culinary surprises - feed your body and artistic soul!

  • Building Connections

    Connect, create, and chow down - forge lasting memories with loved ones in our E.A.T. workshops!