Intro to Child Psychology Course Trailer

Intro Child & Adolescent Psychology Course

Intro Child & Adolescent Psychology Course


What will you learn in the course?

Importance, Nature vs. Nurture Interactions, Theories of Cognitive Development, and Social-emotional Development

Critical Areas of Social-emotional Development

Conduct Disorder and Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Mood Disorders: Depression and Anxiety, ADHD, ASD, and LD

Disorders & Interventions - Evidence-based Interventions, CBT Interventions, Expressive Art Therapy, and Play Therapy

Parenting Styles and Their Impact on Child Development, Learning Theories & Application in Educational Settings

Parenting Styles/Educational Psychology - Parent-Child Relationship and Their Attachment Styles, Special Education, Inclusive Education, and Giftedness

Informed Consents with Minors, Legal and Ethical Issues, Career Opportunities

Delve into ethical considerations, legal issues, and informed consent within the field of child and adolescent psychology.

This course is suitable if:

  • You're an Aspiring Child Psychologist

  • You're a Counselor Working with Children and Adolescents

  • You're Exploring a Career in Special Education

Why choose this Course?

  • In-Depth Understanding

  • Practical Skills in Child-Focused Techniques

  • Preparation for Professional Practice