Intro to Counselling Psychology Course Trailer

Intro to Counselling Psychology Course

Intro to Counselling Psychology Course

✅ Core skills of counselling psychology, with an emphasis on their application in a professional setting. 
✅ Learn from a skilled Psychologist
✅ Apply your learning in a project with the ability to bring about a real change

Expert-Led Modules

● Introduction to the field via discussions.

● Professional practice ,roles, and responsibilities

● Various Counselling skills

● Starting a Therapeutic Relationship

● Working in a Therapeutic Relationship

●Terminating a Therapeutic Relationship

● Psychodynamic Approach

● Behaviourism with a focus on CBT

● Case History

● Mental Status Examination (MSE)

● Case Discussions

Guidance from the best

Spreeha Bezbaruah: Counselling Psychologist at Socially Souled. A fervent advocate for mental health accessibility, her journey began with observing behavioral patterns and has since evolved into a mission of fostering well-being.

This course is suitable if:

  • You're a Psychology Student

  • You're an Emerging Therapist

  • You're a Mental Wellness Advocate

Why us?

  • Quality Education

  • Structured Curriculum

  • Verified Certificate

  • Hands-on Experience