Intro to Sports Psychology Course Trailer

Intro to Sports Psychology Course

Intro to Sports Psychology Course

✅ Sport Psychology: Introduction and Origins
✅ Learn from a skilled Sports Psychologist
✅ Learn about applied Sports and Exercise Psychology

Expert-Led Modules

  • Sport Psychology: Introduction and Origins
  • Theories of performance 
  • Skills of a Sports Psychologist
  • Ethics followed by a Sports Psychologist 
  • Assessment of Athletes
  • Myths and facts

  • Theories of Motivation
  • Effects of Motivation on Sports Performance 
  • Motivation Affects: Cognitive Advantage

  • Differentiating between Anxiety, Arousal, and Stress. 
  • How to measure anxiety. 
  • Defining stress 
  • Identifying sources of stress and anxiety
  • Anxiety and arousal- its Effects on Performance in Sports 

  • Injury and its causes 
  • Relationship between stress and injury 
  • Psychological reasons for injuries 
  • Burn Out 
  • Psychological reactions to exercise and athletic injuries  
  • Psychological Effects of an Injury on the Psychologist
  • Holistic Healing 

  • Creating an effective team climate 
  • Maximising individual performance in team sports
  • What is cohesion?
  • What is leadership?
  • Components of effective leadership
  • Communication in sports setting  

  • Framework and Approaches in Sports Psychology- Philosophy and Practice Models
  • Professional practice-ethical standards, considerations, and evidence-based practice
  • Initial needs assessment -Intake, interview, and performance profiling 
  • Choosing and planning an intervention
  • Psychological skills and strategies

Guidance from the best

Urja Mehta: Sports Consultant and Sports Psychologist.

MSc Sports and Exercise Psychology, Loughborough University.

This course is suitable if:

  • You're a Psychology Student

  • You're an Emerging Sports Psychologist

  • You're an Athlete or Coach

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  • Quality Education

  • Structured Curriculum

  • Verified Certificate

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