Social Psychology Course: Unlocking the Dynamics of Human Interaction

Social Psychology Course

Social Psychology Course

βœ… Fundamental skills of social psychology, focusing on their application in societal and group contexts.
βœ… Implement your insights in a project aimed at understanding and influencing social behaviors

Expert-Led Modules

  • Introduction to Social Psychology: Defining its Scope and Essence.
  • Tracing the Roots: Key Developments and Pioneering Theories.

  • Dive into Social Cognition and the Power of Stereotypes.
  • Attribution Theory: The Intricacies of Explaining Behavior.
  • Delve into Attitude Formation and the Dynamics of Persuasion.

  • Conformity, Obedience, and the Forces that Shape Our Choices.
  • Unraveling the Mysteries of Social Identity and Self-Concept.

  • From Stereotypes to Discrimination: Understanding Prejudices.
  • Navigating Interpersonal Relationships and the Forces that Bind Us.
  • Social Psychology in Action: Real-world Applications and Contemporary Challenges.

Guidance from the best

Spreeha Bezbaruah: Counselling Psychologist at Socially Souled. A fervent advocate for mental health accessibility, her journey began with observing behavioral patterns and has since evolved into a mission of fostering well-being.

This course is suitable if you're:

  • An Aspiring Sociologist

    • Dive deeper into understanding group behaviors and societal influences.
  • An Educator

    • Grasp classroom dynamics and encourage harmonious student interactions.
  • A Community Leader

    • Enhance community unity and cooperation with insights into collective behavior.
  • Personal Growth Enthusiast

    • Understand human interactions and their influences for a richer perspective on relationships.
  • Newcomer to Social Dynamics

    • Get a comprehensive introduction to how society impacts individual behaviors.
  • Psychology Student

    • Fortify your academic knowledge with applied insights into human social behaviors.

Course Highlights

  • Journey through the fundamental aspects of Social Psychology.
  • Understand core concepts, theories, and the historical evolution of social psychology.
  • Engage in real-world scenarios, interactive discussions, and hands-on analyses.
  • Attain a certificate, showcasing your proficiency in understanding social behavior.

Why us?

  • βœ“ Quality Education:

    Benefit from the insights of seasoned counsellors and therapists with years of hands-on experience.

  • βœ“ Structured Curriculum:

    Our course is thoughtfully designed to equip you with a comprehensive grasp of counselling psychology.

  • βœ“ Valuable Certification:

    Enhance your career prospects with our esteemed certificate.

  • βœ“ Hands-on Experience:

    Engage in real-life case discussions and therapeutic scenarios to solidify your learning.

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