6th June 2024

  • Introduction to Psychology
    History and Schools of Psychology

13th June 2024

  • Key Theories and Perspectives

20th  June 2024

  • Research Methods in Psychology
  • Experimental Design

27th June 2024
Data Collection and Analysis

4th July 2024

  • Biological Bases of Behavior
  • Neurobiology and Behavior

11th July 2024

  • Brain Structure and Function

18th July 2024

  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Memory and Learning

25th  July 2024

  • Problem Solving and Decision Making

1st August 2024

  • Developmental Psychology
  • Lifespan Development

8th August 2024

  • Cognitive and Social Development

15th August 2024

  • Social Psychology
  • Social Influence

22th August 2024

Social Cognition and Perception

29th August 2024

  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Mental Disorders and Treatments

12th September 2024

  • Career Paths in Psychology session with practitioners 
  • Session with a Clinical Hypnotherapist- Radhika Goyal

19th  September 2024

  • Session with a Counseling Psychologist- Spreeha Bezbaruah

26th  September 2024

  • Session with Clinical Psychologist - Anantika Tehlani

3rd October 2024 

  • Career Paths in Psychology session with practitioners
  • Session with a body language expert - Gaurav Gill

10th October 2024

  • Session with a Neuropsychologist - Sharvi Bhansali

17th October 2024

  • Session with a Sports Psychologist- Urja Mehta

24th October 2024

  • Session with an Industrial Psychologist- Ankita Rani Bhuyan

31st October 2024

  • Career Paths in Psychology session with practitioners 
  • Session with a Forensic Psychologist- Krupa Nishar 

7th November 2024

  • Session with a Trauma Informed therapist- Sakina Patanwala

14th November 2024

  • Session with an Art therapist- Aparna Raghavan

21st November 2024

Session with a Queer Affirmative therapist

28th November 2024

  • Session with an SFBT practitioner- Jofira Gonsalves

5th December 2024

  • Career Paths in Psychology
    Session with a Couples therapist- Parth Gupta 

12th December 2024

  • Session with an ACT Practitioner

19th December 2024

  • Session with a Ph.D. Scholar - Isaac Thomas

26th  December 2024

  • Session with an Entrepreneur - Akul Grover (co-founder, socially souled). 

2nd January 2025

  • Research Paper Writing 
  • Guidance on how to write a research paper from any of the above-explained branches of psychology.

9th January 2025 to 23rd January 2025

Topic approval by facilitator 

30th January 2025 to 24th April 2025

Research Paper Writing 

1st May 2025

  • NGO visit discussion
    Guidance of how to go about with NGO visits 

8th May to 22nd May 2025

  • NGO visits

29th May 2025

  • Entrance Exams prep 
  • How to prepare for various examinations related to psychology for Bachelors, Masters and higher education. 

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Teaching Methodologies

  • Live Classes + Research Paper Writing

  • Workshops & Field Visits

  • Case Studies & Group Discussions

  • Guest Lectures by industry experts

This Diploma is suitable for:

Perks of the Diploma

  • Detailed hardcopy resource material

  • Library of ebooks for psychology

  • One on One Career Guidance

  • Certification and LOR

  • Hands-On Practical Sessions

  • Case-Based Learning

  • Personalized Mentorship

  • Access to Resume, Linkedin workshop

  • 10 + workshops in the field of psychology and mental health

  • Guided support for writing Research Paper and publishing

  • NGO Visits, Field Visits, Merchandise Box, Evaluation Report

  • Abroad University prep, entrance exams prep, career mapping


Internship Opportunities

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The program is open to individuals with various backgrounds, including students, professionals, and anyone interested in gaining a foundational understanding of psychology. There are no specific eligibility criteria other than a genuine interest in the subject.

Absolutely! The program is designed for individuals with diverse backgrounds. It starts with foundational concepts and gradually builds understanding, making it accessible to beginners.

 Exams will include a combination of multiple-choice questions, short answer questions, and essay-type questions. The specifics, including exam duration and format, will be communicated well in advance.

Assignments are due on Sundays following Saturday classes. Late submissions will incur penalties unless an extension is requested and granted in advance due to exceptional circumstances.

Attendance is tracked through sign-in sheets. Falling below the 85% attendance requirement may affect eligibility for exams and diploma certification. If you anticipate challenges, please inform the program coordinator in advance.

While there are no specific prerequisites, guidelines for the research paper will be provided. Students will have the opportunity to choose a topic aligned with their interests, and support will be offered throughout the research process.

Yes, the program includes guest lectures and workshops featuring professionals from various psychology fields, providing networking opportunities and real-world insights.

Course materials will be provided in class and may also be accessible through an online platform. Announcements, clarifications, and additional resources will be communicated through email and the online platform.

Yes, there is a support system in place. Students are encouraged to reach out to instructors, and additional resources, such as study groups and tutoring sessions, may be arranged based on demand.

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