Dream Analysis and Interpretation Course

Dream Analysis and Interpretation Course



  • Introduction to Dream Analysis; Historical Perspectives
  • Basics of Dream Psychology; Theories by Sigmund Freud

  • Carl Jung's Theories on Dreams; Archetypes and Collective Unconscious
  • Dream Journaling – Recording and Reflecting on Night Dreams

  • Contemporary Theories and Research in Dream Analysis
  • Techniques for Dream Interpretation; Understanding Common Dream Themes

  • Dreams in Clinical Practice; Dreams and Mental Health Disorders
  • Guided Meditation for Lucid Dreaming

  • Closing Discussion – Integrating Dream Analysis into Daily Life or Practice

Teaching Methodologies

  • Live Classes

  • Case study and group discussions

  • Sharing additional resource materials

The Dream Analysis Course is suitable for:

  • Psychology Students

  • Aspiring and practicing therapists

  • People

    interested in learning more about their dreams

Perks of doing this course:

  • Library of e-books

  • Certification 

  • Evaluation Report

Course Instructor

Radhika Goyal

Co-Founder, Socially Souled Psychotherapist & Clinical Hypnotherapist

The journey into the world of Hypnosis and dreams has truly changed me as a person. I have trained over 3000 students in Dream Analysis, Subconscious Therapy and various other integrative therapies.