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Akul Grover

Graphics, Videos and Photography are my three gems that I wish to polish each and every day. Illustrating my way out of life and right into your brand, I will make sure what I create is “eye popping, jaw dropping”. I am so particular about photos that the photo you see here is the 55th attempt, just kidding, not really.

One true vision- Socially Souled and everything about it.

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Radhika Goyal

I breathe Psychology and I have explored all the different areas in this field. I have received extensive training in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Guidance and Counselling, Sound Healing, Energy Healing and various other integrative therapies. With a vision to spread this knowledge to everybody, Socially Souled was a dream come true which I saw with my glittering eyes wide open and you can see the smile on my face shows how I am one step closer to accomplish it completely. Follow my “suggestions” and I will lead the way to utmost peace. NO, I can’t tell what you are thinking about.

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Khushi Thakurel

“Described as a passionate dancer and a talented baker, the warm and sweet treats I bake give a peek into my affectionate personality. Known to be creative and compassionate, I harness my empathy and leads with intuition. Having mastered the art of making puns, witty quips resting at the tip of my tongue, I will have you clutching an aching tummy from laughing too hard. Videos of baby humans cuddling with baby animals will elicit an endless litany of awww's from me. Equipped with effective communication skills and a persistent sense of optimism, you'll often find me comforting friends at 2 am. Possessing excellent problem solving skills combined with attention to detail, I am a dynamic addition to  the team“

Standing at 5'1, she's the definition of "chota packet, bada dhamaka", bringing her A game to every project she takes on.

Sahla Khalid

Sahla can be described as a person who wants to do everything but never has time for anything. She defines herself best as the mommy of an amazing little boy, however does not want to limit herself to motherhood.

She is a greater listener and often single handedly carries secrets of her acquaintances. She is a hard core bibliophile and can’t understand why people opt for audiobooks. She believes that good design can create magic, and is constantly trying to make hers look better. She is a joy to work with and a great addition to the team.

Oshmita Bhattacharjee

Hello! I'm Oshmita, but please, just call me Osh. I'm a huge book worm, and will read anything and everything on the face of this planet, except maybe newspapers.

My favourite book of all time is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and Eliza Bennet is probably the only person I look up to.

I'm a music fanatic, specifically rock music. I tend to make playlists for every mood, genre, season, day and then get too lazy to complete them. I show my affection for people I care about by giving them 50 music recommendations daily!

There are 2 dogs who live near my house; I've christened them Laila and Majnu as they are always together. Saying that they light up my day is a an understatement. I don't enjoy the company of people as much as I enjoy spending time with those two cuties.

I'm a psychology undergrad, and there hasn't been a single day that the subject hasn't fascinated me and grilled me to think outside the box. Studying psychology has made me challenge myself in every possible way, and I owe a lot to the subject.

So if you want any 18th century book recommendations or wanna head bang to metal music, hit me up! 

Arushi Rajpoot

Hi there,

I like cardigans with elbow pads, cushions, carpet floors and rich tea biscuits. Also, I wear shoes all the time. Sensitive about colors and aesthetics around me, I love fusing smart concepts with creative designs which communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate people. 

I strongly believe that mini m&ms are better than normal ones because they cater to a very specific urge to eat colorful aquarium gravels. Anywho, I'll make sure that your designs are well-executed and aesthetically pleasing.

Bye now, gotta go study so I can provide for my future cat.


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Choose Socially Souled. 

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