Hiring Now

The most exciting part about building a start up is building the team. If Psychology and making a change excites you, apply for the positions below!
1. Forensic or Criminal Psychologist
2. Career Counsellor
3. Sports Psychologist
4. RCI Licensed Psychologist
5. Specialised Child Therapist
6. Industrial/ Organisational Psychologist

Intern with us

We have had over 250+ enthusiasts from diverse areas associated with us. Be a part of our ever growing family!

1) Certification of Internship
2) Letter of Recommendation
3) Promotion Opportunities
4) Opportunity to attend workshops and courses

Networking Champions

We bring you the opportunity to utilise and monetize your networking skills💰💸! Promote our workshops, courses, internships and similar events in your respective University and School social media networks and groups! 

Special Monetary Incentives
No upper limit to how much you can earn !
Payouts Every Week!
Offer Letters and Special Discounts
Letter of Recommendation to top performers

Psychology Volunteers

Looking for a way to unleash your creativity while letting your ambition soar? Are you passionate about Psychology as a field? Do you seek to gain experience and exposure while working within a healthy environment?  Then you're exactly what we're looking for! 

We would like to take you on a journey and explore Psychology in a way your textbooks will never allow you. Apply if you're interested in any of the following areas:

Psychology Content Writing
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Management
Content Creators (Reels and IGTV)
Graphic Designers (Canva)
Administration and Management

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