The Souled Team

Akul Grover

Founder & Director
Journalism Hons. | Professional Diploma in UI/UX | MA Industrial Psychology

A designer that loves to travel and one who believes in no half measures. The idea of Socially Souled came with a vision to make a field which is not talked about enough, fun and accessible to all.

Radhika Goyal

Founder & Director
MA Counselling Psychology | Clinical Hypnotherapist

I breathe Psychology and have received extensive training in various modalities. With a vision to spread this knowledge to everybody, Socially Souled was a dream come true. . NO, I can’t tell what you are thinking about.

Netra Karhadkar

E-learning Coordinator
MA - Clinical Psychology | Expressive Arts Practitioner

Psychologist by profession Dancer by passion I chose to amalgamate it into my career. Starting from Pheobe's "I don't have a plan" and going to Monica's "Welcome to Real world, it sucks" I found my niche in teaching and have been loving it since then. 

Mansi Bhardwaj

MSc Clinical Psychology | Psychotherapist

I’m a Psychologist by profession and choice! I take “we were on a break” quite seriously and help you achieve your state of UNAGI. And no, I CAN’T read your mind and face.

Dr Mansi Bhanushali

Resource Faculty
Occupational Therapist | Certified NLP Practitioner

A girl with goals in mind and clarity in eyes. Finding peace in all that life has to offer and making something beautiful of all the experiences.
"There's a silver lining to every cloud, and it shines brighter in the darkest of the nights".

Padmaja Sarangi

Resource Faculty
M.Phil in Clinical Psychology | RCI Licensed Psychologist

Love thy self is my moto, Alchemist by Paulo Coelho has changed me a lot to the positive end.I shift from being obedient to super lazy. Good food is what wakes me up from bed and keeps me going. Painting 🎨 and binge watching good series or movies are my favourite activities to do. I like to study colours and emotions of life.

Anjum Naithani

Resource Faculty
Past Life Regression Therapist- Trained under Dr. Trupti

A woman who follows her heart, believe in the "Divine", Has discovered her Life Purpose and possess an ''Attitude of Gratitude.'' I understand that I am a light worker, sent on a mission, to raise the vibes of planet earth. I am attracted to people who are Humble & Kind❤️

Aksha Juvekar

Resource Faculty
MA Clinical Psychology | Art Therapist

A girl living a simple life by finding happiness in smallest and simplest of all things like Travelling, listening to music and so on. Living one day at a time and not much stressing about the past and the future. 

“It might be a hard way or an easy one, it works for me as long as it’s the right way!”

Manikya Bhatia

Resource Faculty
Psychologist | Hypnotherapist

Manikya Bhatia is an enthusiastic researcher in the field of Psychology and behavioural science. She has been associated with various organisations and practicing in the field of Counselling Psychology for a long time. Her areas of interest include Social Psychology,
Relationship Counselling, Addictions, and Therapies in Psychology.


Resource Faculty
Psychologist | DMT Facilitator | MBCT Practitioner
My Passion Lies in Dance And to make a difference I have worked on Dance and Movement Therapy with Kids, Adolescent, and Specially Abled Kids, On Singapore Cruise Liners and in Execution Of Internationally Acclaimed World Records In my opinion, Therapy, Expression and Art are the three most amazing forms of liberation

Naomi Shah

Resource Faculty
Graphologist | Doodle, Art and Colour Therapist

Hi everyone I am Naomi Shah, known chocolate lover and a big time foodie. I am a die-hard fan of the series vampire diaries. You have already known by this that i love mystery. So what's gonna happen with you next !? Well that's for me to know and for you to dot dot dot...

Shuchi Jhingan

Psychology Intern
Applied Psychology

I’m a psychology student trying to find out if Carl Jung was actually psychic. I like sitting in the sun, listening to stories and making Spotify playlists even though SoundCloud’s clearly better. Once in a while, I might also be able to work decently with a camera.I don’t know if there’s a point in writing about what I want to do in the future because I’m still questioning if free will exists.

Ananya Singhal

Social Media Intern
Psychology Hons.

A psychology aspirant by fate, a writer by choice, but not a professional one; I like writing for myself.  A huge fan of psychological thrillers & horrors! My favorite one is “Mind Hunter”, a must-watch! 

My personal “mantra” that keeps me at peace in every situation is “let it be, I can’t be apologetic for being myself”.

Souled Mission

Our mission is to change the world, one soul at a time by making Psychology fun and accessible for all.