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We're on a mission to help Psychology students and Mental Health Professionals make a great living from their passion for the field. Learn in-demand skills from the best in class instructors — and get to work with us. It does not get simpler than this.

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Whether you are transitioning from Engineering to Psychology or are a Psychology nerd or want to become a well informed, up-skilled, neuro-divergent, queer-affirmative Psychologist, we have the right training course for you.

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Best in-class instrutors

We do not compromise on the quality of our training and instructors. We did it once and things didn't go well so trust as when we say we do not compromise.
Our instructors have the much sought after qualifications along with minimum 2 years of teaching/therapy experience or both.

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We help you make a living #nokidding

Our job is not to sell you courses but to help you make a living. The moment you complete a course with us, you get assistance from the #souledcareerdesk. Best part of doing a course with us? You get a chance to work with us. #enoughsaid

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By now you must be excited to meet our team?

Our founders are a package deal of Media + Marketing and Psychology. That's how Socially Souled was born. Ek akela thak jaayega, saathi haath badhaana is our Philosophy.

  • Akul Grover

    Journalism Hons. | MA Industrial Psychology
    A designer by passion, I love to travel and eat. Sounds cliche? Not if you think about the name of my book- AcoolSafar.
    The idea of Socially Souled came with a vision to make a field which is not talked about enough, fun and accessible to all.

    Fav Movie- Tamasha
    Fav Show- Breaking Bad
    Fav City- Mumbai
    Mountains > Beaches
    Fav Line- No Half Measures

  • Radhika Goyal

    MA Counselling Psychology | Clinical Hypnotherapist
    I breathe Psychology and have received extensive training in various modalities. With a vision to spread this knowledge to everybody, Socially Souled was a dream come true. .
    NO, I can’t tell what you are thinking about.

    Fav Movie- The Notebook
    Fav Show- Good Doctor
    Fav City- Mumbai
    Mountains < Beaches
    Fav Line- Love can do anything we want to

  • Mansi Bhardwaj

    MSc Clinical Psychology | Psychotherapist

    I’m a Psychologist by profession and choice! I take “we were on a break” quite seriously and help you achieve your state of UNAGI. And no, I CAN’T read your mind and face.

  • Krupa Nishar

    Forensic Psychologist
    Gold Medalist- MSc Forensic Psychology

    She has a teaching experience of two and half years at National Forensic Sciences University. Her research interests are the application of Forensic Psychological Investigative methods, criminology, penology, and police psychology.

    Fav Movie- Life of Pi
    Fav Show- The Boys
    Fav City- Mumbai
    Mountains < Beaches
    Fav Line- Kuch Kuch hota hai

  • Padmaja Sarangi

    M.Phil in Clinical Psychology | RCI Licensed Psychologist

    Love thy self is my moto. Painting 🎨 and binge watching good series or movies are my favourite activities to do. I like to study colours and emotions of life. Apart from studying and teaching psychology, I have had an opportunity of working in this field dealing with unique cases over a wide variety of mental illness.

  • Manikkya Bhatia

    Psychologist | Clinical Hypnotherapist

    An enthusiastic researcher in the field of Psychology and behavioural science, she has been associated with various organisations and practicing in the field of Counselling Psychology for a long time. Her areas of interest include Social Psychology, Relationship Counselling, Addictions, and Therapies in Psychology.

    Fav Movie- Veer Zara
    Fav Show- F.R.I.E.N.D.S
    Fav City- Delhi
    Mountains > Beaches
    Fav Line- Happiness can be found in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light

  • Muskan Gumber

    MSc Educational Psychology

    Driven by passion, I aspire to professionally help individuals explore and make suitable career choices for themselves. My areas of expertise lie in career mapping, career switching and parent counselling for career-related discrepancies. I prefer hopping on to the "roads less taken" and becoming a "jack of all trades, master of none"; for it's never too late to have newer and exciting experiences in life.

  • Simran Wahan

    Art Therapist | Creative Healer
    Simran Wahan is an Indian artist who works with Abstract Artist | Figurative Abstracts | Chromotherapy
    I've been a traditional abstract artist for 23 years and work on large canvases & textured paper. My work is inspired by nature, culture, emotion, social observations and spiritual learnings. I love my stationery, samosas, rain and embarassing loud laughter!

  • Utkarsh Singh

    Product Strategy
    You're the only chance that the molecules constituting you will have to observe and understand themselves in a billion years, let's not waste them. This idea has driven me to be endlessly passionate and curious about everything from sports, anime, science to philosophy. Jack of all, specializing in psychology and its integration with technology, my aim is to make mental health more accessible, democratized, and transparent.

    Fav movie- Rockstar
    Fav show- Big Bang Theory
    Fav city- Dharmshala
    Mountains > Beaches
    Fav line- 'He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how

  • Shuchi Jhingan

    Marketing and Collaborations
    I’m a psychology student trying to find out if Carl Jung was actually psychic. I like sitting in the sun, listening to stories and making Spotify playlists even though SoundCloud’s clearly better. I don’t know if there’s a point in writing about what I want to do in the future because I’m still questioning if free will exists.

    Fav Movie- Fight Club/Gully Boy
    Fav Show- Sherlock
    Fav City- Gurgaon
    Mountains < Beaches
    Fav Line- If it’s meant to be, it’ll be

  • Disha Unde

    Content and Collaborations
    A psychology student with an u̶n̶h̶e̶a̶l̶t̶h̶y̶ bread obsession. Apart from always wondering what actually went on in Freud's mind, I am someone who also has fun collecting rocks, making food and appreciating pretty skies <3

    Fav Movie- Perks of Being A Wallflower
    Fav Show- Schitt's Creek
    Fav City - Mumbai
    Mountains > Beaches
    Fav Line - “90% of life is confidence, and the thing about confidence is that no one knows if it's real or not.”

  • Vedant Dave

    Human Resources
    Rowing my boat in the ocean of human consciousness. Dreaming to be a space-pirate.
    Wubba lubba dub dub! - will get this tattooed someday. 

    Fav Movie - Midnight in Paris.
    Fav Show - Rick and Morty.
    Fav City - Darjeeling.
    Mountains > Beaches
    Fav Line - Raise your words not your voice
    It is rain that grows flowers
    Not thunder.

  • Vyoma Thakkar

    Content Writing
    Hello! I am a second year BSc psychology student. As a person who loves watching crime documentaries and analysing their actions, the area of criminal psychology interests me. Painting, going on unplanned adventures, and cycling are some of my other favourite pastimes.

    Fav Movie- Fault in our stars
    Fav Show- How to get away with murder
    Fav City- Mumbai
    Mountains < Beaches
    Fav Line- What’s yours will find you

  • Anoushka Nair

    Content Creator
    Stumbled into psychology and realised that my true belonging is right here. Psychological thrillers and mysteries are where my heart lies and true crime documentaries are my absolute favourite. Totally, completely and unapologetically myself with no regard for “log kya kahenge”.

    Fav Movie- yeh jawani hai deewani
    Fav Show- modern family
    Fav City- Mumbai
    Mountains > Beaches
    Fav Line- don't dream your life, live your dream

  • Sambita De

    Content Creator
    Hello, I'm Sambita a psychology enthusiast. I like watching films and performing those characters in my direction, I work on the Cinematic aspects for Socially Souled.

    Fav Movie- Piku
    Fav Show- The Trip
    Fav City- Mumbai
    Mountains > Beaches
    Fav Line- “Action Speaks Louder Than Words.”

  • Jaai Mahajan

    Outreach and Logistics
    Aspiring mental health counsellor who is extremely passionate about psychology. I believe in aiming high and achieving it. Binge watching movies and series, listening to music and travelling are some of the things that make me happy. Self love is my motto in life and yes, main apni favourite hoon :)

    Fav Movie- Dil Dhadakne Do/ ZNMD
    Fav Show- Its Okay to Not Be Okay/ Made in Heaven
    Fav City- Mumbai
    Mountains > Beaches
    Fav Line- Love Thy Self

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