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We're on a mission to help Psychology students and Mental Health Professionals make a great living from their passion for the field. Learn in-demand skills from the best in class instructors — and get to work with us. It does not get simpler than this.

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Whether you are transitioning from Engineering to Psychology or are a Psychology nerd or want to become a well informed, up-skilled, queer-affirmative Psychologist, we have the right training course for you.

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The #souledblog is the right place for you.

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Best in-class instructors

We do not compromise on the quality of our training and instructors. We did it once and things didn't go well so trust as when we say we do not compromise.
Our instructors have the much sought after qualifications along with minimum 2 years of teaching/therapy experience or both.

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We help you make a living #nokidding

Our job is not to sell you courses but to help you make a living. The moment you complete a course with us, you get assistance from the #souledcareerdesk. Best part of doing a course with us? You get a chance to work with us. #enoughsaid

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By now you must be excited to meet our team?

Our founders are a package deal of Media + Marketing and Psychology. That's how Socially Souled was born. Ek akela thak jaayega, saathi haath badhaana is our Philosophy.

  • Akul Grover

    Journalism Hons. | MA Industrial Psychology
    A designer by passion, I love to travel and eat. Sounds cliche? Not if you think about the name of my book- AcoolSafar.
    The idea of Socially Souled came with a vision to make a field which is not talked about enough, fun and accessible to all.

    Fav Movie- Tamasha
    Fav Show- Breaking Bad
    Fav City- Mumbai
    Mountains > Beaches
    Fav Line- No Half Measures

  • Radhika Goyal

    MA Counselling Psychology | Clinical Hypnotherapist
    I breathe Psychology and have received extensive training in its various therapy modalities. With a vision to spread this knowledge to everybody, Socially Souled was a dream come true.

    Fav Movie- The Notebook
    Fav Show- Good Doctor
    Fav City- Mumbai
    Mountains < Beaches
    Fav Line- Love can do anything we want to

  • Krupa Nishar

    Forensic Psychologist
    Gold Medalist- MSc Forensic Psychology

    She has a teaching experience of two and half years at National Forensic Sciences University. Her research interests are the application of Forensic Psychological Investigative methods, criminology, penology, and police psychology.

  • Isaac Thomas

    Psychologist (Clinical)
    Lecturer in St. Aloysius College

    "Before I even got to know about the subject of Psychology, I was always deeply fascinated by the intricacies of human behaviour. Falling hopelessly in love with the field in my Bachelors, it was apparent for me to take up Clinical Psychology for my Masters."

  • Dr.Kanika Malik

    PhD. Clinical Psychology
    Associate Professor

    She is an Associate Professor at Jindal School of Psychology and Counselling, O.P. Jindal Global University [Institute of Eminence], India. She has worked in the field for over a decade and has donned many roles, including that of a clinical psychologist, clinical supervisor, mental health researcher and principal investigator.

  • Dr.Mansi Bhanushali

    Occupational Therapist
    Dream Analysis Coach
    Cognitive Hypnotic Coach


    She is a Mental health practioner and trainer who believes in the power of using integrative therapies. She has been working as a therapist for the past 2 years in the field of mental health.

    And yes, Occupational Therapists do work in the area of Mental Health."

  • Gaurav Gill

    Psychologist | Assistant Professor at IGNOU
    Body Language Expert

    He is a Guest Faculty at National Forensics Science University Delhi
    Campus, (under MHA) and works alongside Delhi Police Crime Branch Anti Human Trafficking Unit on certain cases for Body Language Analysis. He is also associated with C.W.C (Juvenile Court) and the associated authorities (as Catalyst India is a Government Licensed Child Care Institution).

  • Manikkya Bhatia

    Psychologist (Clinical)

    Clinical Hypnotherapist

    An enthusiastic researcher in the field of Psychology and behavioural science, she has been associated with various organisations and practicing in the field of Counselling Psychology for a long time. Her areas of interest include Social Psychology, Relationship Counselling, Addictions, and Therapies in Psychology.

  • Padmaja Sarangi

    RCI Licensed Psychologist

    Love thy self is my moto. Painting 🎨 and binge watching good series or movies are my favourite activities to do. I like to study colours and emotions of life. Apart from studying and teaching psychology, I have had an opportunity of working in this field dealing with unique cases over a wide variety of mental illness.

  • Sharvi Bhansali


    "I realised that many are still debating whether or not the brain and mind are individual entities and that psychology being considered a science is heavily dependent on empirical methods. The more paradoxes I came across, the greater the subject attracted me. Perhaps, that’s the reason I ended up in Neuropsychology, a field with great strides and yet unlimited possibilities."

  • Simran Wahan

    Art Therapist
    Creative Healer

    Simran Wahan is an Indian artist who works with Abstract Artist | Figurative Abstracts | Chromotherapy
    I've been a traditional abstract artist for 23 years and work on large canvases & textured paper. My work is inspired by nature, culture, emotion, social observations and spiritual learnings. I love my stationery, samosas, rain and embarassing loud laughter!

  • Mausam Nagda

    Counselling Psychologist Expressive Arts Based Therapy Practitioner

    "Around 8 years back, it was then  when I started developing an interest in Psychology. During my training I realised that this is a broader field and mental health was something I was drawn to. Today, it is a significant part of who I am. As a Mental Health Professional, it gives me satisfaction to do more and work towards the individual and collective wellbeing. "

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