Introducing the Souled Circle.

“Listening is love in action.” 

This quote becomes very relevant in the 21st century. In a world where we rely on instant gratification and are quick to react, let’s take a step back and just listen

A circle that creates a space for people to share, relate and most importantly, be heard.

Souled Circle = Socially Souled's Listening Circle

A listening circle is a space where individuals are free to speak anything on their minds. The group of individuals gather to lend a listening ear to each other so that everyone is heard and is able to pour out their hearts. Topics are often subjective and range from everyday occurrences to deeper issues.

What a listening circle is:

  • ❤️ A safe space to share

  • ❤️ Journey of self-discovery

  • ❤️ A chance to connect 

  • ❤️ A sense of support

What a listening circle is not:

  • ❌ Alternative to therapy 

  • ❌ A space for judgment 

  • ❌ A chance to ‘solve’ all your problems 

  • ❌ Not a space for conflict 

Introducing the theme for the first Souled Circle

We wanted to start with something that was personal yet general; Relatable yet unrelatable sometimes, and we landed on the perfect first theme.

A theme exploring romantic relationships and its various facets.

Each relationship is unique

Some sort of connection 

Is what they seek

Some may be more willing

While others might need a nudge 

Share your form of love

We’re not here to judge!:) 

Session 1

Keeping it Casual

Are all relationships serious? Is one way the right way?

Discussing what casual relationships entail in an atmosphere like ours and how it does not only imply “hook-up culture.”

Session 2

Breaking the rules

Cheating in relationships, despite what one may argue, has many layers. How do we navigate this complex space that can become a reality in a relationship?

Session 3

Exclusive or (in)clusive

Roughly translated to: Monogamy and Polygamy. Exploring the consensual aspect of having multiple partners in a relationship and how that might impact the dynamics within it. 

The first Souled Circle would be offline in Mumbai.

-Members will meet in a shared offline space in Versova to share, grow and listen. 

-The mediator will be Spreeha Bezbaruah (Psychologist). 

-Thursday Evenings 6:00pm onwards

-An offline space allows a chance to authentically connect, on a face-to-face interaction basis. 

Rules of the Souled Circle

No videos or photos will be allowed in the duration of the circle 
Once members have joined the circle, they will be encouraged to continue for three weeks. 
The above point is to establish a sense of familiarity and connect with the entire group
The Souled circle is a space that reiterates the role of active listening, apart from sharing. 
Any form of disrespect or intolerance to another member goes strongly against our vision. 

Lastly, we would like to stress upon the aspect of having a non-judgemental atmosphere. 

The topics are sensitive, intimate as well as general. We encourage everyone to voice their beliefs without the fear of being judged. 

We strongly believe in the saying: 

“Live and help live.”