Socially souled presents


Bringing the Soul to the Social.

Socially Souled, founded in 2021 by two creative souls, Akul Grover and Radhika Goyal, is an organisation that aims to make Psychology accessible to all.

✅ A non-judgemental community for all psychology enthusiasts, professionals in the discipline, and those interested in the subject,

✅ Delivers educational content via masterclasses, courses, alternative therapy trainings, career guidance, enjoyable activities and gatherings

✅ Courses are taught by recognized specialists with extensive expertise in the different ever-growing disciplines of psychology 

The #Souledcommunity is one that gives you incredible chances in the field of psychology while also assisting you in networking with the appropriate individuals.

✅ Opportunities ot network with people in the field of Psychology
✅ Career Advancement
✅ A sense of belongingness
✅ Growth through support and knowledge
✅Fun and relaxing activities

If this has piqued your interest, we encourage you to come explore this community in all of its magnificence at the upcoming Souled Community Meetup!

What is the Souled Community Meet-up?

The Souled Community Meetup - a day when psychology geeks gather to learn about treatments, network with one another, gain information through a variety of fun activities, and build memories that last a lifetime.

New delhi: October'22

Socially Souled x Colocal Cafe

We had a lovely meet-up in Dilwaalo ki Dilli on the World Mental Health Day'22. The sheer enthusiasm of the people was amazing to witness.

Mumbai: November'22

Socially Souled x Veda Live

-Move Express Heal-
A session dedicated towards Dance Movement and Art Therapy along with community building activities. Attended by 70+ Souled community members.

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Who should join the next meet-up?

  • Students pursuing Psychology
  • Individuals interested in the field of psychology
  • Professionals want to diversify their careers
  • Individuals wanting to learn something new and interesting
  • Individuals wanting to spend their weekend with new, like-minded souls

Why should you join the next meet-up?

With more than 200+ attendees of our community meet-up, we can now say with confidence that it provides a safe space for psychology lovers like you to express and communicate! 

Other benefits we and your mental health loves: 

  • Improves your communication skills
  • Boost your self-esteem 
  • A gateway to healing and relieving stress through art, music, dancing
  • Form connections with like-minded individuals
  • Participate in genuine discussions 
  • Expanding your network by meeting with intellectuals,
  • promoting sentiments of optimism with a fun-filled day

Experience the following modalities:

  • Art therapy

    Using the creative process, artwork produced during therapy, and outside artwork, art therapy aids in the development of self-awareness, the exploration of emotions, the resolution of unresolved emotional conflicts, the improvement of social skills, and the elevation of self-esteem.

  • Hypnotherapy

    Hypnotherapy is an adjuvant method that uses hypnosis to treat particular symptoms or medical conditions. In order to experience detached outside attention and concentrate on interior sensations, hypnotherapy induces an awake-conscious hypnotic state.

  • Dance Movement therapy

    It may be utilised for stress reduction, illness prevention, and mood management, all of which are advantageous for both physical and mental health.
    Dance therapy often encourages self-awareness, self-esteem, and a secure environment for emotional expression.

“Psychology cannot tell people how they ought to live their lives. It can, however, provide them with the means for effecting personal and social change.”

― Albert Bandura