Therapy for the Soul.

Allow yourself to feel to allow yourself to heal.


Why Us

  • Inclusive

    Committed to everything that makes you - you.

  • Private

    We promise confidentiality.

  • Affordable

    Packages adjusted to accommodate all.

  • Personalized

    Customized to seamlessly fit your needs.

Souled Therapy wants to help you sustain and nurture long term change in your life and in your relationships.

How it works?

  • The Assessment

    Answer a few questions, get a therapist recommendation

  • Connection

    Connect with a Therapist.

  • The Ideal Therapy

    Choose -> Discuss -> Achieve Goals

  • The Beginning & The Journey

    First Session -> Community Support, Resources & Self Care Tools


Our Pricing is tailored to your needs.

Therapy shouldn't cost exorbitant amounts to the people who have the courage to seek help. Which is where our sliding scale feature comes in.

First session - Rs 499

Second session onwards - Rs 499 - 750 (30- 40 mins )
Rs 1000 to 2400 (1 hour or plus)

Make a commitment to your mental health today.

The Journey