Psychological Therapies Internship

Tanushree Pandit

"The best Internship I’ve been a part of.  The whole experience was so phenomenal and interactive. It was to the point that I am looking forward to attending more   internships. I’ve learnt so much about therapies in such a natural way that it didn’t even feel like studying. I loved every minute and every person in this internship."

Psychology of Relationships Workshop

Vidushi Maskara

"The workshop was very informative and fun. Got to learn various new things and different viewpoints. The resource person was very genuine and interactive."

Clinical psychology internship

Sital Sarki 

"I really enjoyed the classes. The resource person presented notes in a form of presentation which helped me to get a better understanding of each topic."

Rorschach inkblot test workshop

Sarath P Eldhouse

"The Faculty was highly knowledgeable. Crisp and clear explanation of underlying concepts  were provided by the resource person with suitable examples.  They were very friendly, compassionate and open to the queries of students. The workshop was excellent, well organized and executed."

Fears and phobias workshop

Sataparna Roy

"The workshop was really informative and interesting. Every concept was explained in detail and it was really interactive. The concepts explained by the resource person were easy to understand and apply. The resource person did her best to make it an interactive session."

clinical hypnotherapy workshop

 Shiv Kumar

"Highly insightful and informative deliberation By Ms Radhika Goyal with crystal clear clarity on the topic of today and having authority and command on the Hypnotherapy concept and dream analysis. It was enriching and amazing with a lot of energy focused by Ms Radhika Goyal which could penetrate deep into the audience's subconscious minds."

cbt workshop

Harleen Aneja

"She was extremely patient, clear with her explanation and I found her session to be extremely helpful and informative!. The workshop managed to cover all of the key points regarding the topic and I was satisfied with the overall experience. My concepts have become clearer and I was able to revise the basics!"

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