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Gone are the days where pictures were all you needed to make your content shine or to brighten up a boring presentation. Graphics Interchange Formats or what we call 'GIFs' have become a key component in the area of Content Marketing because they add charm and charisma to your content while allowing you to bring out your brand's own unique flair. GIFs allow you to highlight the message you want to put across through your content with minimal effort as compared to other mediums of Content Marketing. Let's find out why GIFs act as such an effective tool :

Universal :

GIFs communicate the emotion/action/message of your content to anyone and everyone among your target group. There are no language barriers and no age limits. Be it a 6 year old or a 60 year old,GIFs are easy to comprehend. Different kinds of GIFs may resonate with different people when it comes to creating a lasting impression but in general, they appeal to people from all kinds of cultures and of all ages.

They add Character to your Content :

Gifs can brighten up any content by breaking through the boredom of scrolling long paragraphs of textual content. Your audience is far more likely to stay engaged if you sprinkle in some relevant gifs within your articles and blogs. They make the content more interesting and entertaining by adding a visual element to it. It's not enough to have just pictures,your content will flourish with a little animation.

Availability and Storage Space :

There are multiple sources on the internet that offer millions of free GIFs as well as free apps that easily allow you to make your own GIFs Another reason why GIFs are the prime choice when it comes to adding a visual element is that they are highly compatible with smartphones and tablets. Unlike videos, GIFs are easy to load and take up minimal storage space.

Retain Attention :

Since viewing GIFs hardly takes a few seconds,they really are the best way to highlight your brand and retain the interest of your audience. In today's day and age,most people find it difficult to read an entire article or watch a video completely while GIFs appeal even to the most impatient consumers.

Emotional Connection and Storytelling :

GIFs are instrumental in creating an emotional connection with your audience since they are an efficient and effective medium of conveying all kinds of emotions - joy,sorrow,anger,excitement etc. There are hundreds of GIFs out there that can be used to express even complex and conflicting feelings,for example, a GIF showing a character shrugging can express indifference or ignorance depending on the context it is used in. Storytelling is an important factor in developing an authentic emotional connection with the audience and GIFs are extremely helpful while portraying stories and drawing in the consumers by fostering a bond of loyalty.

Social Media and Email Marketing :

Adding GIFs in emails spruces things up and has proven to be directly impactful in terms of increasing revenue. They are also widely used on almost all social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter,Facebook, Pinterest etc. It is especially useful to make use of GIFs on these platforms while announcing a new product or campaign and while making important announcements.

Familiarity :

You can make use of popular and trending GIFs to bring in a sense of familiarity in your consumers. You can insert GIFs displaying the iconic moments or dialogues of a particularly eminent show/character to build a direct association that will resonate with your audience.

Humour :

GIFs offer an easy way to add a touch of humour and wit to your content and this can go a long way in ensuring your brand remains relevant. Whether laughter really is the best medicine or not,it can certainly be one of the most important factors to ensure your content captivates the audience. A well placed GIF can easily incite a chuckle or two from the audience and keep them coming back for more.

So now we know how GIFs act as a compelling device when it comes to Content Marketing but there are few things we must keep in mind :

•Don't overuse them. Treat them as the seasoning on your pizza,sprinkle some on your content but don't dump the entire box.

• Only use GIFs that are relevant to your content and your brand's image,don't throw in popular GIFs just to attract attention.

• Avoid using GIFs that are too graphic or visually upsetting while discussing sensitive issues or potentially triggering topics.

Before putting out any content or advertisements involving GIFs,thoroughly go through it and check if there are any errors in terms of loading the GIFs. You must also make sure that the quality of the GIFs hasn't been compromised in any way. GIFs as a form of animation are here to stay and this isn't merely a passing trend. You must learn to make use of GIFs as a marketing strategy if you want to ensure your content remains entertaining and captivates your audience.

-Simran Luthiya

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