Career Counselling Certificate Course
Career Counselling Certificate Course

Career Counselling Certificate Course

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1st February 2022 onwards

About the Course

This course will help you become an efficient career coach to help yourself and others that lost their job, want a new career, people that lose self-confidence and cannot get a job, or people that cannot hold a job or that want a promotion. 

This course is designed to be a transformational career tool that will help you understand psychological subconscious and conscious blocks and eliminate them on your way to career success. It will also help you become your own coach and avoid mistakes that put you in a wrong career path or can determine you to lose that dream job.
In addition to the trainings with the mentor, you will have a full guided journey as a Practitioner through our:
Live Interactive Classes
Lifetime Community Support
Experiential and Practical Learning
Comprehensive Study and Resource Material 


1st February 2022

4:30 pm to 6:00 pm

Tuesday and Thursday

8 weeks

What will you learn?

Week 1


  • What is career counselling?
  • Career guidance v/s career counselling and life design
  • Four essential elements
  • Career Counselling for better career decisions: The CIP model

Week 2

  • The life design paradigm of career counselling
  • Career counselling interventions from a life design perspective
  • Effectiveness of career interventions
  • General effectiveness
  • Effectiveness of specific types of career interventions
  • Effectiveness of life design interventions
  • Effectiveness of certain career intervention elements

Week 3


  • Goals
  • What are goals?
  • How can we set goals?
  • Self-concept: WHO AM I? 
  • C.G Jung: personality preferences and career choices
  • What is our preference and how they define us? 
  • Assessment
  • Personality preferences self-Assessment

Week 4

  • S. Freud Iceberg theory: how our subconscious could sabotage or help us (part 1)
  • S. Freud Iceberg theory: how our subconscious could sabotage or help us (part 2)


  • How we define our values
  • S.H. Schwartz: Our basic human values
  • Motivation
  • What is motivation?
  • Types of motivation
  • Identify your motivation
  • Maslow pyramid
Week 5
  • Procrastination
  • What is procrastination?
  • Tips to avoid
  • Self-control
  • What is self-control?
  • How to manage self-control
  • Atkinson model of achievement. Build your approach for getting success
Week 6


  • Interests
  • Concept & introduction
  • Assess your interests (SWOT Analysis)
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Careers based on interests and strengths
Week 7
  • Building a resume
  • What is a resume
  • Guide to build a resume for the Psychology job market
  • CV Structure
  • Contribution
  • How can you contribute to the job market?
  • Skills required
  • Communication
  • Types of communication
  • Importance
  • Styles of communication
Week 8
  • MBTI conduction
  • Scoring and interpretation
  • Career options as per the test
  • Learning

Included with the Course

hard copy certificate

Meet the mentor

Ms. Mansi Bhardwaj


Mansi has hands-on experience in the field of Psychology and mental health and has been a scholar too. She has undertaken many certification courses to widen her knowledge and skill-sets. She is a certified CBT, Child Psychology, and REBT practitioner (all advanced) and a Psychotherapist. She is passionate about learning new things and holds a practical approach to anything and everything in life.


Yes, the course content is planned from the basic to the advanced level.

Yes, you can start practicing as an Accredited Practitioner for the techniques you’re training in after completing the course and practicals.

Yes, this course is Globally Accredited by IAOTH, and ICPEM- Registered under Niti Ayog, Government of India.

The real time learning sessions of this course would be for 15+ hours

No, The mentors aim to provide you experiential and hands on training

Recordings are only provided for limited time in the case when the student misses the sessions and informs in advance, however you can contact the mentors for your doubts any time. You will get a lifetime support and handholding from our

Yes, there is an option of Equated monthly instalments (EMI) when you pay through Razorpay. You would have to check the availability of the same with your card/bank while doing the payment.

Yes, there are 15% Group Discounts available for a group of three or more
participants. You can contact us to receive the coupon code for the same or you can directly proceed with adding the preferred course for 3 people and the discount would be applied automatically.

We don’t offer any trial sessions for any of our courses.

Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion after you complete the entire program and all the assessments.

No, we have strict non-refundable and non- cancellation policies. You can read about the same through the policies section on our website.