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Certificate Course in Compassion Focused Therapy

Certificate Course in Compassion Focused Therapy

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What is Compassion Focused Therapy?

Compassion focused therapy is rooted in an evolutionary model of human psychology. It provides an important new perspective on the therapeutic process. Of course therapists endeavor to be compassionate towards their patients, but compassion focused therapy is more about teaching patients to be compassionate towards themselves.


Participants on the course will be introduced to the difficulties that the human brain encounters because of its evolutionary history and the way in which old motivation and emotional systems interact with newly evolved cognitive competencies and intelligences. They will learn how early life experiences can shape the organisation of our emotions increasing our dispositions towards threat based emotions that underpin a lot of mental health difficulties. This course will focus on: understanding what happens in the brain so that people can treat themselves with more constructive compassion, it will highlight techniques that therapists may already be familiar with, which chime with compassion focused thinking, and it will teach further techniques the therapist can use to be in line with this approach.

Things to know before you register:

When will the Certificate Course take place?

Starting from: 2nd November 2022
Time: 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm
Days: Monday and Wednesday
Duration: 4 weeks

Who should take up this Certificate Course?

• Professionals who see patients in 1:1treatment settings, have significant degree of clinical skill and wish to add CFT to their knowledge base
• Organisations with mental health professionals
• Students wanting to explore a new form of therapy setting


Hard Copy Certificate
Resource Material
Case Studies
Mock Sessions
Live Interactive Classes
Lifetime Community Support
Experiential and Practical Learning


Virtual Instructor led Live Training to be conducted on Zoom/G Meet

How much is the fees?

Compassion Focused Therapy Certificate Course Full Fees: INR. 4,120

There is an option to reserve your seat for INR 500. The remaining fees is to be paid a day before the commencement of the course.

Credibility and Accreditation

The Certificate is accredited by the International Association of Therapists. 

Please note: We still believe the fact that more than the Certificate, it is the instructor and the teaching that matters the most. 

The certificate course is conducted by a practising Psychologist (Msc Health Psychology)
Please Note: This is a Practitioner Level Course.

“This ability to have empathy for difference, to be open to diversity, to work hard at thinking about how other people may differ from you is a key step on the road to compassion – and it’s not always easy.”

― Paul A. Gilbert, The Compassionate Mind

Topics to be Covered

Module 1: Evolutionary psychology of CF

• Introduction to evolutionary model of human psychology
• Vulnerabilities in mental health difficulties
• Understanding regulation and dysregulation

Module 2: Compassion as a Flow

• Compassion to others
• Self compassion
• Practices that stimulate compassion

Module 3:  How to use the therapy

• How to use compassionate mental states and the sense a grounded compassionate self
• Address problems such as self-criticism and shame

Module 4: Techniques in CFT

• Soothing rhythm breathing
• Body scan and relaxation
• Creating a safe space
• Compassionate colors
• The compassionate self

  • In-depth understanding

    You will have the feeling of knowing what compassion - and compassion focused therapy – are all about, and understanding them.

  • Heightened compassion

    You will feel more compassionate to other people - to understand and feel for the struggles – and successes - they have.

  • Learn a new form of Therapy

    You will know how to instantly make what you already do more compassionate. You'll feel excitement to learn and absolutely new form of therapy

Learn with Himika Bhasin

Health Psychologist

Himika Bhasin has done her BA Honors from Delhi Univeristy and her MSc from King’s College London. She believes that mental health is as important as physical health is to an individual.

When an individual is living through a long term, chronic illness, it is very natural that their mental health as well as their families mental health will take a toll. Therefore it is essential to equip not just the individual but the family too, as to how they can make life better alongside the illness. 

How will this Certificate Course help you?

✅ You will be able to 'see things' in terms of the three emotion-regulation systems and be soothed and excited by doing so. You will also be able to work in a straightforwardly compassionate way: in a way that will stimulate feelings of safeness, warmth and connectedness in patients. You will feel - and be - more compassionate towards yourself.

Why you should take the Certificate course?

CFT is an emotion focused therapy, it helps healthcare professionals and young budding psychologist to learn about a new and amazing field of psychology. It will help individuals to broaden their horizon of psychology 

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this certificate course help me?

It is a new approach to therapy and plus on any individual’s CV. It will help one broaden their horizon of therapies.

Can I join if I’m not from a Psychology or similar background?

No, it is suggested that people who wish to see a career in Psychology should enrol to develop their skills and explore themselves.

Can one practice the skills after completing the course?

Yes, you can use these skills in your professional as well as personal development, alongside completion of master’s.

Are recordings provided?

Recordings are only provided for limited time in the case when the student misses the sessions and informs in advance, however you can contact the mentors for your doubts any time. You will get a lifetime support and handholding from our

Is there EMI facility?

Yes, our payment provider is Razorpay and you can choose the EMI option through that.
In case you need any assistance feel free to whatsapp us at 9137008686 or drop us an e-mail on

Are there any group discounts available?

Yes, there are 15% Group Discounts available for a group of three or more
participants. You can contact us to receive the coupon code for the same or you can directly proceed with adding the preferred course for 3 people and the discount would be applied automatically.

Can I get refund or cancel my registration after making the payment?

No, we have strict non-refundable and non- cancellation policies. You can read about the same through the policies section on our website. However, if you are unable to attend due to genuine reasons, we'll issue a gift card of the same value that can be redeemed anytime on our website.

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It is difficult to feel empathetic towards someone, let’s start that process by first being compassionate towards their sufferings.