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Clinical Hypnosis Diploma

Clinical Hypnosis Diploma

Start your journey as a Clinical Hypnotherapist with us

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Is this Diploma for you?

The Clinical Hypnosis Diploma is designed for Psychology Students, people from various fields looking to make a career in Clinical Hypnotherapy, marriage and family therapists, clinical counsellors, social workers, psychiatrists, psychologists, or related professionals (licensed or license-eligible) seeking to expand their practices and learn, refine and master their skills in Hypnotherapy.

Things to know before you register:


Below are the tentative dates for upcoming levels:

Level 1 & 2- Gurugram- 14th January-16th January 2023

Level 1 & 2- Mumbai- 10th to 12th March 2023

(In case of a Group Registration (4 or more) , you can reach out to us to schedule sessions for your preference of dates)

Cost Structure

Level 1: INR 8,499
Level 2: INR 9,999
Level 3: INR 9,999
Level 4: INR 13,499
Level 5: INR 13,999

If you reserve your seat for all the levels you'll be eligible to avail the Diploma at an offer price of INR 49,999

Please note: EMI is available. Our team will assist you with it when the complete payment will be requested.

Number of Hours

Level 1- 1 day 7 + hours
Level 2- 2 days 15 + hours
Level 3- 3 days 25 + hours
Level 4- 4 days 35 + hours
Level 5- 5 days 35 + hours

How to register

Step 1:
Reserve your seat for Level 1 and 2 or the Complete Diploma (Level 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5)

Step 2:
Choose your Location: Gurugram or Mumbai

Step 3:
You will receive a payment receipt from Razorpay which will reflect successful payment

Step 4:
You will be contact via email and whatsapp for the all official information

Step 5:
Before the Diploma begins you would be requested to pay the remaining amount


Gurugram- Socially Souled LLP, Basement 109 Nirvana Country, Sector 50- Gurugram Haryana 122018

Mumbai- Panch Marg, Off Yari Road, Versova Andheri West Mumbai Maharashtra 400061

Credibility & Accreditation

The Certificate is accredited by the International Association of Therapists. Being an International Accreditation Body, it allows you to practice across the globe.
Please note: We still believe the fact that more than the Certificate, it is the instructor and the teaching that matters the most. The main instructor of the Diploma is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with 4 years of experience in the field.

"You use hypnosis not as a cure, but as a means of establishing a favourable climate in which to learn."

Topics to be covered

Level 1: Foundations of Hypnotherapy

1. Introduction and History
2. Theory of Mind and Beliefs
3. Hetero-Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis
4. ABS Formula of Hypnosis
5. Phenomenon and Pre-requisites in Hypnosis
6. Steps of the Hypnotherapy Session
7. Problems and Goals
8. Boiler Plates
9. Signs Check List
10. The 3 R’s
11. Deepening Techniques
12. Delivery of Suggestions
13. Suggestibility Questionnaire
14. Theory of Suggestibility
15. Fundamentals of Hypnosis
a. 5 Words of Power
b. 5 Touches
c. Themes
16. Hypnotherapy Scripts:
a. Hand Levitation/Arm Raising Induction
b. Fast Induction- Finger Spreading Induction
c. Breathing Awareness
d. Progressive Muscle Relaxation
17. 21 Day Self Hypnosis Exercise

Level 2: Foundations of Hypnosis

1. SMART Goals
2. Self-Hypnosis-Recipe for Success
3. The Hypnotic Blitz
4. Simple Hypnotherapy Model
5. MBL & MBL Exercise
6. Ericksonian Hypnosis
7. Structure of Therapeutic Interview
8. How to do your first session
9. Hypnotic Susceptibility Assessment
10. Ego Enhancement
11. Ego Purification
12. Barnett’s Induction Technique
13. Chiasson’s Technique (finger spreading)
14. Eye-Fixation Mind Distraction Induction
15. Inner Mental Tranquility-Control Room
16. Fast Induction – Reverse Counting Method
17. Hypnotherapy Scripts
a. Social Anxiety
b. Memory & Recall
c. Concentration
d. Stress Reduction: How to build protective shield

Level 3: Comprehensive Techniques

1. Female and Male Sexuality Questionnaires
2. Scoring of Sexuality Questionnaires
3. Physical and Emotional Sexuality
4. Sexual Dysfunction
5. 12 Steps of Regression Therapy
6. Ethics in Hypnotherapy
7. Adverse reactions and precautions in Hypnotherapy
8. Television Imagination Method
9. Deepening Technique
10. Hypnotherapy Scripts
a. Social Anxiety
b. Memory & Recall
c. Concentration
d. Stress Reduction: How to build protective shield
e. Healing the body: Inside Out
f. Procrastinating
g. Inner Child Script Mini Nap
h. Concentration
i. Self Esteem
j. Anger/Temper
k. Self Confidence
l. Creating Abundance
m. Exercise Motivation
11. Format of Case History Taking
12. Preliminary Information

Level 4: Therapy Modalities

1. Theory for Depth of Hypnosis
2. Age Regression
3. Life Script and Therapy
4. Dynamics of Physical Suggestible
5. Dynamics of Emotional Suggestible
6. Laws of Suggestibility
7. Fast Induction – Hand Clasp Method
8. Kappasinian Hypnosis
9. The Empty Chair Technique
10. Auto Dual Induction
11. Introduction & Goals of Hypnodrama
12. Hypnotic Regression
13. Conversational Regression Pattern
14. Fast induction – Hand Magnetism & Shock
15. Extinction of Fears and Phobias
o Physical Reactions to Phobias
o Things Phobics say
o Common Fears or Phobias
o Main Tools for Treatment
o Symptomatic Approach
o Circle Therapy
o Desensitisation
o Systematic Desensitization
16. Five Stages of Loss
17. Child Hypnosis
o Inductions
o Children who lie and steal
o Enuresis
o Anti-Social Behaviour
18. Medical Model of Hypnosis
o Pain
o Yes Set
o After “Deep Sleep”
o Back and Intestinal Pain

Level 5: Regression and Past Life

1. Dynamics of Physical and Emotional Sexual
a. Exceptions
b. Defences
c. Handwriting
d. Goals in Sex
e. Cycle Days
f. Giving a “Twinkie”
2. Basic outline for full client session
3. Procedure and Scripts for session
4. Scripted Role Play Hypnotherapy Session
5. First Consultation
a. Minor Reflexive Questions
b. Getting people in the mood for change
6. Areas of Client History to explore in depth
7. Checklist to explore the Past Life
8. Safe Place Imagery Script
9. Bright Light Visualisation
10. Parallel Reality Regression
11. Exploring Relationship Connections
12. Crossing the Bridge of time to a Past Life
13. How Past Life Memories Surface
14. Déjà vu and Regression
15. Single and Multiple Lifetimes
16. Steps and Process of Past Life Regression
17. Benefits and Importance
18. Confidence Building Exercises
19. When and When Not to do Past Life Regression
20. Moving Forward and Backward in time
21. The Wells Induction for Past Life Regression
22. Past Life Regression Original Script

The only Diploma you need.
Theoretical Concepts ✅
In depth Practice sessions ✅

  • Hard-copy of Notes, Certificate and Letter of Recommendation

  • Access to a library of E-Books of Hypnotherapy

  • Access to attend all the future offline training sessions

  • Lifetime Support from the Resource Faculty

  • Chance to join the Socially Souled Team

  • Lunch and Snacks

Learn with Radhika Goyal

Psychologist | Clinical Hypnotherapist

Radhika Goyal is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Neuro Linguistic Programming & Mindfulness Trainer. She is the founder of Socially Souled LLP and President of Sampoorna Manosthiti NGO.
In the past two years, she has mentored and trained 3500+ students and professionals. Her vision is to create awareness about Mental Health and Integrative Therapies.

The Clinical Hypnosis Diploma by Socially Souled is your passport to a gateway of opportunities, where you can make your career as a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

  • Saraswati Goswami

    Our resource faculty was very patient and cleared every doubt. With her consistent home works and practically making us perform, made me learn things more thoroughly. And I think she did boost up my confidence in this field. The course was very thorough, well structured. Made it easy to understand that way. Yes i do feel competent and confident, as our resource faculty made us practice a lot.

  • Syeda Sahana Hussain

    Resource person are really great. She taught us a lot of things apart from Hypnotherapy as well and it is helping me a lot. It is a good course for a first timer.The demos were something I would like to practice and make perfect. 

  • Dhwani Tushar Kadakia

    Resource person is very practical, flexible and facilitated us for various things within the course as well as our personal issues. Amazing course, learnt a lot, it was a very application based course. It was a great journey learning Hypnotherapy and becoming.

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