Expressive Arts Therapy Intensive Course

Expressive Arts Therapy Intensive Course

✅ Art Therapy
✅ Dance and Movement Therapy
✅ Music and Drama Therapy
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Aim of the Course

  • Charting a career path and an opportunity to become skilled in Art, Dance Movement Therapy, incorporated under Clinical and Counselling Psychology

  • Dedicated to understanding the role of expressive art as a means of communicating one’s ideas, thoughts, and emotions

  • Go beyond the conventional methods of teaching and gain the space to apply it in a hands-on project with the ability to bring about a contemporary change

Topics to be covered

  • Introduction to Expressive Arts and modalities 
  • Historical and theoretical development
  • Professional practice, roles and responsibilities 
  • Accreditation bodies and Mental health policies

  • Art Therapy for Creativity and Enjoyment
  • Art Therapy for Family Bonding
  • Art Therapy for Self Love and Self Acceptance
  • Art Therapy for Mindfulnes

Exercises to relieve Phobias, Emotional Pain, and Negativity

Art Therapy in Clinical Disorders

Exercises to relieve physical pain

  • Introduction to Dance Therapy
  • Significance of Dance Therapy
  • Exiting from the Negative State through Ecstatic Dance

  • Chakra and Meditative Dance
  • Forms of Choreography and their impacts

  • Movement Psychotherapy: Research, Theory, and Skills
  • Psyche-Soma: The Mind-Body Relationship
  • Movement Observation and Analysis
    Integration of body movement in clinical conditions in the child population
  • Therapeutic exposure to body movemen

  • Drama Therapy
  • Psychodrama or sociodrama

Ethics in drama therapy

  • Music Therapy and its application
  • Working of music therapy 

  • Ways to integrate expressive arts therapy in a therapeutic setting 
  • Positive conclusion on its benefits
  • Discussing case studies

Learn from not one but four highly experienced Psychologists & Expressive Arts Therapists.

  • Sakina Patanwala | Will teach Art Therapy

    Sakina is a versatile counselor and Certified Arts-based therapist who has experience working
    in various aspects of mental well-being, emphasizing any form of abuse and misbehavior, and
    other emotional traumas.

  • Mausam Nagda | Will teach Dance Therapy

    Mausam Nagda is a Counseling Psychologist and Expressive Art Therapy Practitioner. Her work revolves around children, teenagers, caregivers for the wellbeing. She has presented her research study on expressive arts therapy for empathy and self esteem in adolescents at CMTAI's International Conference and World Arts Emobodiment Forum

  • Komal Mishra | Will teach Drama Therapy

    Komal Mishra is a thoughtful & creative counseling
    psychologist and an expressive art based therapist. She often indulges in processing
    feelings, thoughts and actions. She uses her love
    for music, art and movement to deliver engaging individual and group sessions using
    creative therapies.

  • Aparna Raghavan | Will teach Movement Therapy

    Aparna Raghavan is School Counsellor, Behaviour Therapist, Researcher with noted experience in both teaching and practising Psychology. She is a certified Expressive Arts Therapist and her qualifications include M Phil Psychology, B Ed in Special Education

What to expect

  • Expert Guidance

    Be part of a focused environment with an exceptional student-to-teacher ratio to help you make the best out of your learning experience

  • Resource Material

    Gain access to reading material, videos, and case studies and expand your knowledge systems

  • Capstone Project

    Get the chance to practise in a real-time setting and develop your newly acquired skills in a controlled environment


Included with the Course

✅ Certificate ✅ Week-wise Pre reads ✅ Session recordings ✅ Internship opportunities for Bachelors students & Work opportunities for people with Masters and beyond ✅ 1 on 1 session with experts ✅ Dedicated community ✅ Practical & Fun Activities ✅ Special discounts on Souled Merchandise

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Regular price
✅ Art Therapy
✅ Dance and Movement Therapy
✅ Music and Drama Therapy
  • 8th April
  • 5 weeks
  • Classes over the Weekend
  • 11 am onwards
  • INR 4,720 incl GST