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Offline Forensic Psychology & Forensic Hypnosis Masterclass

Offline Forensic Psychology & Forensic Hypnosis Masterclass

Understand in depth about the fundamentals of Forensic Psychology and Forensic hypnosis.

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Is this Masterclass for you?

Forensic Hypnosis is a specialised technique of hypnosis that can be used to help people retrieve forgotten memories, that were either forgotten or repressed for ego protection without bringing up any negative feelings.

The Masterclass is open to 18 years and above. Come join us if you are interested in the world of of Forensic Psychology, Criminology and Hypnosis. We tell you inside out about Forensic Psychology and how Hypnosis is used in Criminal cases.

Things to know before you register:

Topics of covered

Fundamentals of Forensic Psychology
Behavioural Methods of Investigation
Scope of Forensic Psychology
Therapeutic and Investigative Hypnosis
When to use forensic Hypnosis
When not to use Hypnosis
Forensic Hypnosis Session


Date: 3rd July June 2022
Day: Sunday
Time: 11:00 am to 1:00 pm


Veda Live, Bungalow No. 121, Aram Nagar Part 2, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400061


Certificate of Participation
Resource Material

WHen you hear about hypnosis

Do you picture Catherine Keener in the film Get Out, tapping her teacup and sending an unwilling man into a state of hypnosis?

No that is not Hypnosis.

Learn with Krupa Nishar

Forensic Psychologist

Ms. Krupa Nishar studied at Gujarat Forensic Sciences University, where she received a Gold medal and was ranked first in M.Sc. Forensic Psychology. She has a teaching experience of two and half years at National Forensic Sciences University. Along with training many Indian and International Police officers, she has been invited as a resource person at various national and international platforms like IIM Ahmedabad, St. Xaviers College Mumbai, University of Madras, TEDx talk to conduct workshops about the application of Forensic Psychology.

Learn with Radhika Goyal

Clinical Hypnotherapist

The journey into the world of Hypnosis has truly changed me as a person. With over 6 years of experience in Hypnosis, I can say that there is so much more this field has to offer. I have trained over 3000 students in Dream Analysis, Subconscious Therapy and various other integrative therapies.

  • Kaninika Bharadwaj

    "It was a great session which was very informative. It kind of nudged me towards hypnotherapy as a career option."

  • Mayuri Dixit

    "Being a physics student, even I felt like I'm learning something which is very important and amazing."

  • Alishba Anis

    "It was good and very interesting. Busted a lot of myths. Radhika explained everything so well and the activities she conducted were amazing."

  • Ishita Singh

    "I really enjoyed the whole workshop. Very well organised and a very soothing environment to be in. Thank you for having this up."

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Yes, we have talked about Hypnosis before.

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