Online Certificate Course in Body Language

Online Certificate Course in Body Language

✅ Become proficient as a Body Language expert 
✅ Learn from Expert Forensic Psychologist
✅ Apply your learning in a project with the ability to bring about a real change

Course Schedule

Week 1 | 18th January 2024 | Thursday 7- 8:30pm
Introduction to body language and non-verbals Body Language and Psychology, Anthropology and zoology

20th January 2024 | Saturday 10-11:30 am
Introduction to body language and non-verbals How to baseline a person's behaviour

Week 2 25th January 2024 Thursday 7- 8:30pm
How body language is used in forensic settings Forensic tools like Polygraph lie detection, Voice Stress Analysis Test are used for truth identification, similarly Body Language Analysis is also an investigative tool for lie detection

27th January 2024 Saturday 10-11:30am
Body language and investigation/ counselling process We as humans are born with hardwired skills to read other's body language even as infants. Body language is of immense help in investigation.

Week 3 1st February 2024 Thursday 7- 8:30pm
Body Language of juvenile victims and delinquents To observe when they are taking up a counselling session, how to differentiate between victim and the alleged victim/ delinquent

3rd February 2024 Saturday 10-11:30am
Body language and non-verbal of an Interviewer/ Interrogator Audit own body language and make changes according to the interviewing/ interrogation setting to extract the maximum result.

Week 4 8th February 2024 Thursday 7- 8:30pm
How to extract information with the help of body language Right kind of questioning.

10th February 2024 Saturday 10-11:30am
Using non-verbals to build rapport and learn how to negotiate Persuasion with non-verbals cues

Week 5 15th February 2024 Thursday 7- 8:30pm
Identifying deception Identifying deception markers through non-verbals

17th February 2024 Saturday 10-11:30 am
Identifying deception We would identify red flags of deception, looking into the clusters of deception for an individual/ Assignment

Learn from India's leading Forensic Pychologist and Body Language Specialist: Mr Gaurav Gill

Body language Expert and Statement Analyst at Catalyst India Charitable Trust and Assistant Professor of Psychology at IGNOU, Guest Faculty at the Delhi Campus of the National Forensic Science University

What to expect

  • Structured Learning

    ✅ Certificate ✅ Week-wise Pre reads ✅ Session recordings ✅ Weekly Quizzes ✅ Group study sessions

  • Expert Guidance

    ✅ 1 on 1 session with experts ✅ CV & LinkedIn building ✅ Weekly Quizzes ✅ Resource material curated by experts

  • Course- end Project

    ✅ Get to work on an extensive project in an online/offline mode to showcase your skills and enhance your CV

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find the most frequently asked questions below.

This course is open to:
✅ Students who are pursuing/completed their Bachelor’s in Psychology and/ or related relevant fields 
✅ Students pursuing or completed Masters in Psychology and/ or related relevant fields 
✅ Professionals 
✅ Teachers 
✅ Counsellors
✅ Psychologists 

Yes this is a versatile course and is open to individuals from all backgrounds and want to expand their knowledge system, skill set and portfolio.

This course should be taken by individuals who work in a field which requires them to interact with humans. Body language is regarded as a "Super-Skill" since anybody and everyone can learn about it and because using what one has learned about body language will aid in clear and successful communication.

The majority of cues described by this concept are subconscious in nature. Understanding these will aid in developing a conscious comprehension of the underlying communication between the two parties. Join us in thinking about how you utilise body language since, at the end of the day, talking and paying attention to what people are saying should go hand in hand with interpreting body language, not the other way around.

You can be able to practise with this course provided you have completed the minimum qualification of a Master’s in Psychology and/or the relevant fields. You can incorporate the learnings from this at personal and professional levels.  

This course is has various benefits which differs based on your academic or professional profile: 

For Bachelor graduates, it provides : 

✅ In-depth orientation to forensic psychology and underpinning models of body language and behaviour analysis; 
✅ Foundation, concepts and scope of these fields; and  
✅ Explores the associations and interdependencies of these fields. 

For students who are pursuing or have completed a Master’s it provides: 

✅ Introduction to forensic psychology;
✅ Understanding of the increasing scope and significance of the fields;
✅ Experiential dive into the practical setting by a Body Language expert with experience in forensic settings 
✅ Exposure to analytical perspective and integration 

For professionals, teachers, psychologist, and counsellors, it will provide: 

✅ Introduction to body language and behaviour analysis, and forensic psychology;
✅ Concepts, theories, and scope of the fields; 
✅ Knowledge for choosing more in-depth specialisations; 
✅ Understanding its far-reaching implications and its use in the judicial system 

This course will help you gain an understanding of the fields and their workings. With our Capstone Project, you will be able to gain relevant work experience on the ground level. This will help you advance in the field with the integration of the knowledge acquired and the skills gained through the hands-on project.

This course will help you boost your profile by blending two niches in psychology, to give you a wider perspective. Moreover, you can also use the placement nurturance service and get personalised guidance from the experts. 

Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion. This will be provided once you fulfil the requirements and perform all the assessments. 

  Recordings will be provided.

The duration of the course is 5 weeks with 3 hours every week.

This course will provide you with the skill set of reading into the body language and non-verbal cues presented by an individual. You can gauge a deeper understanding of their intent before the conversation even begins. This will lead you to have fruitful conversations and not get conned into any kind of situation. You will also be able to identify what red flags the person is hiding and how to break this cycle of deception. 

This emerging topic covers the psychological underpinnings of communication and its importance in work situations, like forensic settings. Body language has gained popularity in recent years since it makes it possible to comprehend a communication style that doesn't always entail speaking. Even in India, the importance of this profession is increasing as time goes on. However, there aren't enough prospects for professional growth and proper education in this area. In an effort to close this gap and introduce interested people to this field, Socially Souled developed this curriculum.

No, we have strict non-refundable and non-cancellation policies. You can read about the same through the policies section on our website. However, if you are unable to attend due to genuine reasons, we'll issue a gift card of the same value that can be redeemed anytime on our website.

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✅ One of the best combination to learn and delve deeper into
✅ Learn from Expert Psychologists
✅ Apply your learning in a project with the ability to bring about a real change
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