Clinical & Neuropsychology Intensive Course

Clinical & Neuropsychology Intensive Course

✅ One of the best combination to learn and delve deeper into
✅ Learn from Expert Psychologists
✅ Apply your learning in a project with the ability to bring about a real change
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Aim of the Course

  • Learn from three Resource Faculty, bringing their prime knowledge and skills to you

  • Go beyond studying one field at a time and explore the niche fields of Psychology at once 

  • A breakthrough from traditional models and a chance to perform a hands-on Capstone Project 

Topics to be covered

→ Introduction to the field via discussions 
→ Historical and theoretical development 
→ Professional practice, roles and responsibilities 
→ Accreditation bodies and Mental health policies

→ What is psychopathology
→ Models of investigation, diagnosis and treatment 
→ Sensitising rehabilitation

→ The need, significance and process of scientific inquiry 
→ Orientation to statistics and psychometry 
→ Nuanced areas of study and research 

→ Fundamental theories of psychotherapy 
→The three waves of psychotherapy 
→ Nuanced therapeutic approaches 
→ Importance of research in psychotherapy

→ Introduction to Neuropsychology
→ Anatomy, physiology and functions of Neurons, Glial Cells, Synapse and Neurotransmitters
→ Structure and Function of Occipital Lobe
→ Structure and Function of Parietal Lobe
→ Structure and Function of Temporal Lobe
→ Structure and Function of Frontal Lobe
→ Structure and Function of Subcortical Structures

→ Introduction, DBS, EEG, NFB and MRI/fMRI

→ Traumatic Brain Injury 
→ Dementia
→ Parkinson's Disease
→ Alzeihmer's Disease
→ Epilepsy and Common Brain
→ Regions involved in Psychiatric Disorders

→ Mood Disorders
→ Psychotic Disorders
→ Anxiety Disorders
→ Dissociative Disorders
→ Childhood Disorders
→ Personality Disorders
→ Intellectual Disability

Learn from not one but three highly experienced Psychologists

  • Isaac Thomas | Will teach Basics of Clinical Psychology

    Psychologist (Clinical), University Gold Medallist, Researcher and Lecturer in St. Aloysius College

  • Anantika Tehlani | Will teach Advanced Clinical Psychology

    RCI Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Behaviour Sciences, SGT University and Hospital

  • Sharvi Bhansali | Will teach Neuropsychology

    Neuropsychologist, Faculty in The Gujarat National Forensic Sciences University, Author of “Ace of the Old Bloke”

What to expect

  • Structured Learning

    ✅ Certificate ✅ Week-wise Pre reads ✅ Session recordings ✅ Weekly Quizzes ✅ Group study sessions

  • Expert Guidance

    ✅ 1 on 1 session with experts ✅ CV & LinkedIn building ✅ Weekly Quizzes ✅ Resource material curated by experts

  • Course- end Project

    ✅ Get to work on an extensive project in an online/offline mode to showcase your skills and enhance your CV

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find the most frequently asked questions below.

This course is open to: 
✅ Students pursuing or completed a master’s in Psychology
✅ Students with Psychology background willing to explore Sports Psychology as a career option
✅ Psychologists & Counsellors 

No, this course is open to individuals from the psychology background and wants to expand their knowledge system and skill set. However, Athletes and coaches are welcome to be a part of this course.

The degree you select is influenced by what you would like to try to do as a clinical psychologist, neuropsychologist, or clinical neuropsychologist so determining this in time can facilitate your plan for your educational path. If you would like to figure out these fields, you'll have to be ready to communicate effectively, research problems, and think critically. 

The course is for educational and learning purposes. You can incorporate the learnings from this at personal and professional levels.  

This course is has various benefits which differs based on your academic or professional profile: 

For Bachelor graduates, it provides: 

✅ In-depth orientation to clinical psychology and neuropsychology; 
✅ Foundation, concepts and scope of these fields; and  
✅ Explores the associations and interdependencies of these fields. 

For students who are pursuing or have completed a Master’s it provides: 

✅ Introduction to clinical neuropsychology;
✅ Understanding of the increasing scope and significance of the fields;
✅ A link between brain/cerebral mechanisms and mental states; and 
✅ Experiential dive into clinical setting by a RCI Licensed Clinical Psychologist 

For professionals, teachers, psychologist, and counsellors, it will provide: 

✅ Introduction to clinical neuropsychology;
✅ Concepts, theories, and scope of the fields; 
✅ The significance and need for understanding of the interaction between biological and psychological mechanisms; and  
✅ Knowledge for choosing more in-depth specialisations. 

This course will help you gain an understanding of the fields and their workings. With our Capstone Project, you will be able to gain relevant work experience on the ground level. This will help you advance in the field with the integration of the knowledge acquired and the skills gained through the hands-on project.

This course will help you boost your profile by blending two niches in psychology, to give you a wider perspective. Moreover, you can also use the placement nurturance service and get personalised guidance from the experts. 

Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion. This will be provided once you fulfil the requirements and perform all the assessments. 

  Recordings will be provided.

The duration of the course is 5 weeks with 3 hours every week.

This course will provide you with the skill sets to understand the relationship between the brain and behaviour through the lens of psychological and neurological schools of thought. Along with this, gaining experience in a real-time setting will help you develop essential skills such as observation, time management, interpersonal skills, ethics, problem-solving, and many more.

Today, psychology is more than the treatment of the disorders present. One of the primary areas along with treatment and evaluation is also early intervention, prevention, and diagnosis. This course will enable the participants to dive into and understand the relationship between cognition, behaviour, and affect, the three foundations of psychology in depth with the integration of diverse perspectives. 

No, we have strict non-refundable and non-cancellation policies. You can read about the same through the policies section on our website. However, if you are unable to attend due to genuine reasons, we'll issue a gift card of the same value that can be redeemed anytime on our website.

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✅ One of the best combination to learn and delve deeper into
✅ Learn from Expert Psychologists
✅ Apply your learning in a project with the ability to bring about a real change
  • Cohort 2- Coming in May
  • 5 weeks
  • Classes over the Weekend
  • 11 am onwards
  • INR 4,720 incl GST