Clinical Psychology- Training based Internship Programme

The Clinical Psychology Training-Based Internship Programme provides a robust learning platform for various individuals. Whether you're a student, professional, or simply passionate about mental health, this program offers a transformative experience. By blending theoretical knowledge with hands-on practice, participants are prepared to make meaningful contributions to the field of clinical psychology.

Clinical Psychology Training based Internship

Clinical Psychology Training based Internship

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Welcome to the Clinical Psychology Internship by Socially Souled! Our comprehensive program is designed to provide aspiring psychologists with hands-on training and expertise in clinical psychology.

This rich experience aims to deepen your understanding of mental health disorders and arm you with the skills needed for assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and research.

Who Should Enroll?

Are you passionate about understanding the human mind? Eager to make a real difference in mental health care? Whether you're a student, recent graduate, or a professional seeking specialized skills, our internship will set you on a transformative journey towards a rewarding career in clinical psychology.

Program Highlights

Intensive Curriculum: Spanning 2 to 4 weeks, the training covers foundational principles, advanced topics, and experiential learning in clinical psychology, including but not limited to:

120-Hour Module: Scope, foundation, interview techniques, mental status examination, DSM vs ICD, autism, and related disorders.

240-Hour Module: Extended topics from the 120-hour module, childhood disorders, adult disorders, experiential learning, and group case conductance.

• Clinical psychology scope & foundation I
• Clinical psychology scope & foundation II
• Clinical interview & history taking I
• Clinical interview & history taking II
• Clinical interview & history taking III
• Mental Status Examination I
• Mental Status Examination II
• Case studies
• DSM vs ICD
• Autism and related disorders

✅ Topics in 120 hours and

Childhood disorders
• Assessments for childhood disorders
Adult Disorders
• Anxiety disorders I
• Anxiety Disorders II
• Neurocognitive disorders I
• Neurocognitive disorders II
• Schizophrenia & related disorders
• Bipolar disorders
• Substance use disorders
• Personality disorders
• Assessment for neurocognitive, anxiety and bipolar disorders
• Experiential learning by conducting cases within the group

Expert Guidance: Learn from leading professionals

  • Isaac Thomas

    Psychologist (Clinical), University Gold Medallist, Researcher, and Lecturer at St. Aloysius College

  • Anantika Tehlani

    RCI Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Behaviour Sciences, SGT University and Hospital.

Why Choose Our Training?

Comprehensive Learning: From foundational knowledge to specialized insights, our curriculum equips you with a well-rounded understanding of clinical psychology.

Innovative Approach: Blend theoretical knowledge with practical applications, engage in cutting-edge research, and learn from real case studies.

Personalized Experience: Benefit from a small cohort size, individualized mentorship, and customized learning paths that align with your career goals.

Professional Network: Connect with industry experts, fellow interns, and alumni, fostering a community of professionals committed to advancing mental health care.


  • 🎓 Internship Certificate

    Recognized certification upon successful completion.

  • 🧐 Weekly Assessment

    Regular evaluations to track progress.

  • 📚 Resource Material

    Access to comprehensive learning materials.

  • 👩🏻‍💻Practical Learning

    Gain real-world experience through hands-on practice.

  • 🗒 Internship Evaluation Report

    Detailed feedback on your performance.

  • 👋 Case Studies and evaluation

    Engage in authentic clinical scenarios.

  • 🚀 Placement Assistance as per eligibility

    Support in finding opportunities.

  • 👍 Mock Sessions with supervision

    Simulated practice with expert guidance.

This programme is suitable if:

  • You're a Psychology Student Seeking Real-World Experience

    Step beyond the classroom and immerse yourself in clinical practice, enhancing your understanding and skills in diagnostics, treatments, and assessments.

  • You're a Healthcare Professional Exploring Clinical Psychology

    Deepen your knowledge of mental disorders and therapeutic techniques, acquiring skills that can complement your existing healthcare practice.

  • You're an Aspiring Therapist Building a Strong Foundation

    Gain hands-on experience and expert mentorship that will set you on a successful path in your clinical psychology career.

  • You're a Researcher Looking to Understand Clinical Applications

    Explore the real-world applications of clinical theories, engaging in case studies and experiential learning to fuel your research pursuits.

  • You're a Career Changer Eyeing the Field of Mental Health

    This internship offers a comprehensive gateway into the world of mental health, providing the tools you need to start a new career in clinical psychology.

  • You're Passionate About Making a Difference in Mental Health

    Whether personal interest or professional aspiration, this internship will empower you to positively impact lives by understanding and addressing mental health challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find the most frequently asked questions below.

This intensive internship blends theoretical learning with practical experience. From understanding mental disorders and diagnostic criteria to applying various treatments, you'll immerse yourself in the comprehensive world of clinical psychology.

Ideal for psychology students, budding therapists, mental health practitioners, or anyone seeking hands-on clinical psychology experience.

Participants will learn to conduct clinical interviews, perform mental status examinations, assess childhood and adult disorders, and implement evidence-based treatments, all under expert supervision.

Yes, the internship includes live sessions, case studies, evaluations, and mock sessions with seasoned psychologists and educators.

The combination of theoretical knowledge, practical application, and professional mentorship equips you to excel in the field of clinical psychology, with placement assistance as per eligibility.

Participants will benefit from receiving an internship certificate, weekly assessments, practical learning, evaluation reports, and more

This course will help you boost your profile by blending two niches in psychology, to give you a wider perspective. Moreover, you can also use the placement nurturance service and get personalised guidance from the experts. 

Yes, you will receive a certificate.

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Farhat Fatima
Clinical Psychology Internship

I took a 120-hour clinical psychology internship, and it was a very pleasant experience. The classes were very interactive, and the teacher was very friendly, which helped with the learning and understanding process. Along with that, the other socially souled members who interacted with us were all very polite and welcoming. 

Bronwyn Mierke
Insightful and Interesting

I had an almost perfect experience with the 120h internship I completed. Isaac Thomas was a wonderful teacher and truly brought out the best parts of psychology. He gave a lot of great advice and is very knowledgeable as a lecturer. The classes overall are done very well. The only problems I have encountered was a lack of communication between myself and socially souled itself, as wel as a lot of hoops that had to be jumped through just to obtain a certificate almost 2 months after completing the course according to the given time line as per the last discussionI had with one of their personnel. As an international student who completed the course, that was a bit of a letdown. Other than that issue, I would definitely recommend the course to others. Just be prepared to wait a while for your certificate and timely responses.

Sanjan S Shetty
Informative and thorough internship; appreciated learning about the industry.

The teacher was polite and taught every subject in detail, giving adequate time for any questions or concerns. Additionally, the assignments were really intriguing.

Solma Khatoon
Excellent and instructive

It was an excellent encounter. The resource staff were friendly.

Hetika K Dhakkan

The workshop was a fun, informative and interactive one. The basics were made very clear and the resources shared were good too.

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