Detailed Brochure: Psychology 101

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Psychology Bootcamp

Who's the Psychology bootcamp for?

  • Aspiring mental health professionals

  • Current therapists seeking to expand their therapeutic toolkit

  • Students pursuing a degree in psychology or a related field

  • Individuals passionate about helping others and promoting mental wellbeing

  • 👩🏻‍🏫 Offline classes

  • 📑 Career Guidance

  • 🎁 Merchandise Box

  • 🎖 Letter of Recommendation

Course Curriculum

  • Dive into the world of Expressive Art Therapy
  • Explore drawing, painting, and sculpture as healing tools
  • Participate in guided art exercises
  • Reflect on the therapeutic benefits of artistic expression

  • Explore the principles of Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Practice guided relaxation and focused attention techniques
  • Learn the stages of hypnosis
  • Engage in hypnotherapy role-plays

🌌 Dream Decoding

  • Learn the art of Dream Analysis and Interpretation
  • Unravel the mysteries of the sleeping mind
  • Practice interpreting dream symbols and themes
  • Share personal dream experiences for group analysis

🎭 Hypno-Dream Theatre

  • Combine the day's learnings in a group performance
  • Create and perform skits that integrate hypnotherapy and dream analysis
  • Reflect on the therapeutic benefits of creative expression

  • Discover the Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Practice tapping to release emotional blocks
  • Understand the science behind EFT
  • Engage in EFT role-plays and group exercises

🧘‍♀️ The Art of Being Present

  • Explore Mindfulness meditation and techniques
  • Cultivate inner peace and present-moment awareness
  • Practice guided mindfulness exercises
  • Reflect on personal experiences with mindfulness

🌟 Integrative Therapy Group Reflection

  • Share experiences and insights from the first three days of alternative therapies
  • Discuss the benefits and challenges of each therapy
  • Reflect on the impact of integrative therapy on clients and therapists

1. Introduction to Counselling 
2. Scope, Format, and Nature 
3. Counseling Skills
4. Psychoeducation 
5. Counselling Process

Opening a Counselling Relationship 

Working in a Counselling Relationship 

Closing a Counselling RelationshipCase History and MSE Intake

Psychology Internship: Offline

  • 👩🏻‍🏫 University Assistance

  • 📑 Resume building with 30 + samples

  • NGO and Field Visits

  • 🎖 Placement Assistance

Course Curriculum

1 month- Offline

- Introduction
- Counselling Skills
- Activities

- Opening a counseling session
- Working a counseling session
- Termination

- Psychodynamic school
- Behavioural School
- Humanistic school

Case History and MSE

2 months- Offline includes the above and:

Cognitive Behavioural therapy
Rational Emotive Behavioural
Therapy or Exposure therapies

Dream Analysis

Art therapy
Music therapy/ sound therapy
Dance Movement therapy

Emotional freedom technique
Mindfulness technique
Family and couples counseling


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