Bringing the Soul to the Social.

Mumbai Meet-up on 21st May

✅ A chance for Psychology enthusiasts to network, learn and create unforgettable memories. 

✅ People of diverse backgrounds coming together for a shared goal. 

✅ The perfect blend of learning and fun- the community meetup aims to create a safe space for everyone. 

Who should attend the Souled Community Meet-up?

  • ❤️ Individuals interested in the field of Psychology & Mental Health

  • ❤️ Professionals want to diversify their careers

  • ❤️ Individuals wanting to learn something new and interesting
  • ❤️ Individuals wanting to spend their weekend with new, like-minded souls

The #Souledcommunity is one that gives you incredible chances in the field of psychology while also assisting you in networking with the appropriate individuals.

Why Should you attend the Souled Community Meet-up

  • 🚀 If there’s an interest in psychology and mental health,
    This souled community meet up is like a treasure of wealth:)
  • 🚀 Priced just at rupees ninety nine
    We give you workshops, building sessions and a chance to shine!
  • 🚀 If expert guidance and advice in Psychology is what you chase
    We assure you,
    You chose the right space.
  • 🚀 If a chance to grow and interact with others is what you describe
    Wait no further,
    For you’ve found your tribe!

All about the Souled Meet Up- Third Edition!

✅ Date: 21st May | 1 pm to 3pm
❤️ Location: Veda Live, Aram Nagar, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai

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Socially Souled x O.P. Global Jindal University

New Delhi- October'22

We had a lovely interaction with the students of Jindal School of Psychology.

Socially Souled x Colocal Cafe

New Delhi- October'22

We had a lovely meet-up in Dilwaalo ki Dilli on the World Mental Health Day'22. The sheer enthusiasm of the people was amazing to witness.

Socially Souled x Veda Factory


Move Express Heal- A session dedicated towards Dance Movement and Art Therapy along with community building activities. Attended by 70+ Souled community members.

❤️ If this has piqued your interest, we encourage you to come explore this community in all of its magnificence at the upcoming Souled Community Meetup!

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✅ Date: 21st May, 1 pm to 3 pm