I/O Psychology Training based Internship: Online

  • I/O Psychology Training based Internship
  • I/O Psychology Training based Internship

I/O Psychology Training based Internship

Explore a unique opportunity to study, analyze and understand human behavior in the workplace.
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Step into the dynamic world of workplace psychology with Socially Souled's Industrial/Organisational Psychology Internship! This meticulously crafted program bridges the gap between psychological theories and real-world business challenges. Delve deep into organizational structures, explore employee motivations, and master the skills to drive workplace efficiency and well-being.

Who Should Enroll?
If you're intrigued by the interplay of human behavior in organizational settings, wish to design work environments that boost productivity while preserving employee well-being, or aim to specialize in HR strategies backed by psychological insights, this internship beckons you. Perfect for psychology students, HR professionals, business leaders, and individuals eager to harness the power of psychology in organizational contexts.

Program Highlights

Robust Curriculum: Dive into a comprehensive exploration of industrial and organizational psychology.

• Case Studies
• Nature & Meaning of I-O Psychology, Role of I-O Psychology, Organizational Attitude
 • Motivation & Work Behavior, Cultural Difference in Motivation
 • Group Behavior & Work Teams, Group Formation & Development  
• Individual & Group Decision Making Process 
• Organization Design, Structural Differentiation, Forces Re-Shaping the Organization
 • Leadership & Management, Leadership Theories, Emerging Issues in Leadership
• Book/Movie Review

✅ Topics in 120 hours and

 • Organization Culture, Organization Socialization, Assessing Cultural Values & Fit, Cross Cultural Issues
• Forces for Change in Organization, Resistance to Change, Lewin’s Model of Change, Personality Theory in Organization, Common Personality Measurement Tools

Guidance from the best

Ankita Bhuyan: I/O psychologist with corporate experience and a keen interest in creating a holistic workspace. Looking to share my experience and knowledge about the intricacies of organization culture and it's close association with mental health.

Why opt for our Training program?

  • Immersive Learning Journey: Venture beyond academic knowledge into the heart of thriving businesses, understanding the pivotal role of psychology.
  • Cutting-Edge Approach: Experience a blend of classical theories and contemporary business challenges to foster innovative solutions.
  • Personalized Guidance: Avail tailored mentorship to steer your learning journey and shape your future career.
  • Expand Your Network: Engage with a passionate community of I/O psychologists, HR professionals, and business leaders, laying the foundation for future collaborations.


  • 🎓 Internship Certificate

    A mark of your specialized training.

  • 🧐 Weekly Assessment

    Continual feedback to sharpen your skills.

  • 📚 Resource Material

    Delve deep with curated resources.

  • 👩🏻‍💻Experiential Learning

    Engage in hands-on projects

  • 🗒Constructive Feedback

    Detailed Internship Evaluation to help you identify areas of growth

  • 👋 Case Studies from Leading Organizations

    Gain insights from real-world scenarios.

  • 🚀 Career Placement Support

    Leveraging our network to propel you into the industry.

  • 👍 Expert-Supervised Sessions

    Refine your approach under seasoned guidance.

This programme is suitable if:

  • You're an Aspiring I/O Psychologist, Ready for Action

    Venture deep into the intricacies of organizational behavior, enriching your academic knowledge with real-world scenarios and transformative solutions.

  • You're a Business Leader, Seeking Psychology-Driven Strategies

    Elevate your organizational dynamics, fostering a harmonious and productive workplace through insights rooted in psychological principles.

  • You're an HR Maven, Looking to Sharpen Your Edge

    Supercharge your HR toolkit with a blend of classic and contemporary I/O psychology practices, ensuring optimized talent management and enhanced organizational culture.

  • You're a Research Scholar, Keen on Unraveling Workplace Dynamics

    Amplify your research endeavors with hands-on experiences, understanding the psychological currents that drive businesses and their workforces.

  • You're a Career-Changer, Venturing into I/O Psychology

    Embark on this thrilling intersection of psychology and business, equipped with comprehensive insights and industry-relevant skills from our internship.

  • You're Driven by Curiosity, Eager to Uncover the Psyche Behind Businesses

    Whether a student, professional, or enthusiast, if the dance of human behaviors in organizational structures intrigues you, our internship stands as your gateway to discovery.

The speciality of Industrial-Organizational psychology (also called I/O psychology) is characterized by the scientific study of human behavior in organizations and the work place. 

The specialty focuses on deriving principles of individual, group and organizational behavior and applying this knowledge to the solution of problems at work.

Here's a blog how to become an Industrial Psychologist ⬇️

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find the most frequently asked questions below.

Our intensive curriculum delves into the essence of workplace psychology, including motivation theories, talent acquisition, team dynamics, performance management, and the intricate nexus of psychology and business strategies.

The program caters to budding I/O psychologists, HR enthusiasts, business leaders, and anyone intrigued by the confluence of psychology and organizational dynamics.

You'll get hands-on experience in understanding and designing interventions for actual organizational challenges, crafting HR strategies backed by psychological principles, and optimizing team dynamics.

Beyond gaining in-depth knowledge, you'll benefit from our expansive network, career placement support, and rich industry insights, positioning you as a sought-after professional in the realm of I/O psychology.

From official certification to real-world case studies, supervised fieldwork, and innovative pedagogical approaches, our internship promises an unparalleled learning experience.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Riana kaur anand
Good knowledge gained

Good knowledge gained

Aakash Kannan
Very interactive

The internship was very good and very interactive.

Samikkha N Singh
Helpful for in understanding the field

It was very helpful for me in understanding tjis field

Mannat Sharma
Good learning experience.

Overall a good learning experience.

Aditi Sawkar

The internship was pretty engaging. Although I wanted it to be a bit longer, it was informative and helpful to learn basic concepts.

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  • I/O Psychology Training based Internship
  • I/O Psychology Training based Internship
Choose your Batch:
Days & Time