• Art Therapy Practitioner Course
  • Art Therapy Practitioner Course

Art Therapy Practitioner Course

Recordings, Pre reads, Internationally Accredited Certificate

About the Course

Art Therapy Practitioner Course offers a systematic and in-depth exploration of the intriguing intersection of art and psychology. The aim is to empower individuals to harness the therapeutic power of art as a means of fostering self-expression, healing, and mental well-being. Engage with a rich tapestry of theory, practical activities, discussions, and reflection, all tailored to provide a fulfilling learning journey.

Course Structure

- Introduction to Art Therapy: Explore the history of art therapy.
- Techniques of Art Therapy: Explore the uses of art therapy.
- Tools and Exercises in Becoming an Empathetic Art Therapist: Focus on expression, imagination, and active participation.
- Art Therapy for Children, Teens & Adults: Delve into the mind-body connection with exercises and case studies.
- Introduction to Art Therapy for Children & Teens: Learn about unique ideas and activities, including collage, coloring, doodling and scribbling, drawing, finger painting.
- Introduction to Art Therapy for Adults: Understand how Art Therapy can help deal with anxiety, trauma, depression, substance dependency, and other issues.
- Art Therapy for Family, Couples, and Personal Growth: Learn how art therapy aids expression and exploration in the setting of families and relationships, and personal growth.
- Techniques and Practical Applications: Introduction to free hand doodling, and other exercises for various settings.
- Exploring Art Mediums: Introduction to the art of coloring, understanding the features and workings of memory, and creating mood boards.
- Practical Applications: Exploration through water colors and expressing through this medium.
- Art Journaling & Storytelling: Introduction to journaling and art journaling as a medium of expression.
- Recap and Concluding Session: Understanding the importance of storytelling through this medium, practicing collage making with recycled materials, and revisiting key concepts.

- Certificate
- Week-wise Pre reads
- Session recordings
- Internship opportunities for Bachelors students & Work opportunities for people with Masters and beyond
- 1 on 1 session with experts
- Dedicated community
- Practical & Fun Activities
- Special discounts on Souled Merchandise

Learn from leading Psychologists & Art Therapists.

  • Aparna Raghavan is School Counsellor, Behaviour Therapist, Researcher with noted experience in both teaching and practising Psychology. She is a certified Expressive Arts Therapist and her qualifications include M Phil Psychology, B Ed in Special Education

  • Sakina Patanwala, a versatile Counsellor and Certified Arts-based therapist working toward mental health with 5+ years of experience in all aspects of mental well-being, emphasizing sexual abuse and misbehavior, grief counseling, and other traumas.

Who should do the course?

Aspiring Art Therapist

Practicing therapists who want to diversify their skill set

Art enthusiasts who are interested in the therapeutic potential of art

Professionals in education, human resources, social work, healthcare who can use Art Therapy as an additional tool.

Individuals interested in self-exploration and personal development

Why this Course?

  • Focuses on using art as a medium of therapy for various demographics: children, teens, adults.

  • Designed and facilitated by experts with rich experience in Art Therapy.

  • Encourages exploration of personal growth and self-expression through art.


Why should one do this Course?

To gain a deep understanding of Art Therapy as a discipline.

To acquire skills and knowledge to practice Art Therapy professionally.

To explore the therapeutic and transformative power of art for personal growth.

To enrich existing therapeutic practices with art-based techniques.

To discover new avenues for career and personal development.

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  • Art Therapy Practitioner Course
  • Art Therapy Practitioner Course
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