Counselling Psychology Training Based Internship: Online

  • Counselling Psychology Training Based Internship
  • Counselling Psychology Training Based Internship

Counselling Psychology Training Based Internship

Understand in depth about the fundamentals of Counselling Psychology and Counselling Skills.
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Embark on a transformative journey with the Counselling Psychology Internship at Socially Souled! Our meticulously designed program seeks to mould compassionate individuals into adept counselling professionals. Immerse yourself in the nuances of therapeutic rapport-building, gain insight into the human psyche, and refine your counselling skills to facilitate emotional and psychological healing.

Who Should Enroll?

If you're drawn to the art of empathetic listening, aspire to guide individuals through their emotional challenges, or wish to enhance your existing professional repertoire with counselling proficiency, this program is tailored for you. Ideal for students, budding therapists, educators, and individuals keen on understanding human emotional dynamics.

Program Highlights

Rigorous Curriculum: Spanning 360 hours, dive deep into the multifaceted world of counselling psychology. Topics covered include:

120-Hour Module: Foundations of counselling, establishing therapeutic relationships, introduction to therapeutic approaches, essential skills for effective communication, and introduction to common psychological concerns.

240-Hour Module: Advanced counselling techniques, in-depth exploration of therapeutic modalities (CBT, REBT, Psychoanalysis), experiential role plays, understanding and managing complex disorders, and supervised practicums.

• Introduction, meaning and approaches
• Myths about counseling
• Communication 
• Opening of a counseling relationship
• Building a counseling relationship
• Closing a counseling relationship 
• Case history and Mse taking 
• Importance of counseling 
• Skills regarding in counseling Communication
Questioning skills
Probing skills
Paraphrasing skills 
Reflective skills
Empathy skills
Nonverbal skills

• Different approaches to therapies.(CBT, Psychoanalysis, client centered) 
•Role play for each therapy
• Introdution to disorders

•Understanding Neurotic Disorders
Personality Disorder
Eating Disorder
Learning Disorders

• Developing e-interventions 
• Learning skills related to CBT,REBT, psychoanalysis, art therapy mindfulness.
• Introduction to disorders
•What therapy to use with what disorder
•Case examples and supervision with a psychologist

Guidance from the best

Spreeha Bezbaruah: Counselling Psychologist at Socially Souled. A fervent advocate for mental health accessibility, her journey began with observing behavioral patterns and has since evolved into a mission of fostering well-being.

Why Opt for Our Training?

Holistic Learning Experience: Transcend beyond textbooks to real-world application, understanding both the art and science of counselling.

Innovative Pedagogy: Marrying theoretical knowledge with hands-on practice, we offer an integrative approach to learning.

Tailored Mentorship: With individualized attention, receive guidance tailored to your learning pace and career aspirations.

Community Building: Network with a cohort passionate about mental health, fostering lifelong connections in the world of counselling.


  • 🎓 Internship Certificate

    A testament to your acquired expertise.

  • 🧐 Weekly Assessment

    Regular touchpoints to ensure progress and comprehension.

  • 📚 Resource Material

    Access an extensive array of learning materials.

  • 👩🏻‍💻Practical Learning

    Practical application in simulated counselling scenarios.

  • 🗒 Internship Evaluation Report

    Comprehensive Internship Evaluation Reports.

  • 👋 Case Studies and evaluation

    Deepen your understanding through actual cases.

  • 🚀 Placement Assistance as per eligibility

    Deepen your understanding through actual cases.

  • 👍 Mock Sessions with supervision

    Fine-tune your skills with expert feedback.

This programme is suitable if:

  • You're a Psychology Enthusiast Eager for Hands-on Practice

    Dive into the realm of counselling, where theory meets practice, and witness the transformative power of empathetic communication.

  • You're an Educator Aiming to Enhance Communication Skills

    Equip yourself with refined listening and counselling skills to foster deeper connections with your students and their emotional well-being.

  • You're an Aspiring Counsellor Seeking Expert Mentorship

    Build a strong foundation in the counselling domain under the tutelage of seasoned professionals, preparing you for a rewarding journey ahead.

  • You're a Researcher Delving into Human Emotional Dynamics

    Amplify your research with a practical understanding of therapeutic relationships, techniques, and their real-world applications.

  • You're Venturing into the World of Mental Health and Counselling

    Embark on a new career path in counselling psychology, empowered with comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience from this internship.

  • You're Passionate About Facilitating Emotional Well-being

    Whether stemming from personal interests or a broader goal to make a difference, this internship equips you with tools to guide individuals through their emotional landscapes and challenges.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find the most frequently asked questions below.

Our dynamic program integrates theoretical insights with hands-on counselling sessions. From the basics of effective communication to mastering advanced therapeutic techniques, you will acquire an in-depth understanding of counselling psychology.

It's ideal for psychology enthusiasts, budding counsellors, educators, or anyone keen on honing their empathetic communication skills and understanding emotional dynamics.

You'll learn to establish therapeutic relationships, apply various counselling modalities like CBT, REBT, and Psychoanalysis, engage in role-plays, and handle real-world cases with professional supervision.

Apart from gaining theoretical knowledge and practical skills, our program offers mentorship, networking opportunities, and placement assistance, positioning you for a thriving career in counselling psychology.

Participants can anticipate receiving a recognized certificate, regular feedback through weekly assessments, experiential learning opportunities, comprehensive evaluation reports, and more.

Certainly! We ensure ongoing support through job placement assistance, networking events, and continuous opportunities for mentorship and peer interaction.

Yes, you will receive a certificate.

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Divyika Srivastava
Covered topics

As an introductory course, it covered topics at sufficient breadth. However, as a Masters student, I might have preferred a more nuanced coverage of the same.

Ananya Singh
Insightful and fun

It was really insightful and fun

Wendy Johnson
Brain ticking assignments

It was very informative and the assignments kept the brain ticking

Dylan Pinto
Informative session

It was great n informative session, good learning experience

Caren Mascarenhas
Extremely rewarding

I found the course and the experience extremely rewarding. Although I would have preferred it if we were given more to to do our assignments due to the day to day work schedule but the overall experience was great :))