Counselling Psychology Training Based Internship

Counselling Psychology Training Based Internship

Understand in depth about the fundamentals of Counselling Psychology and Counselling Skills.
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Is this Training Programme for you?

The Counselling Psychology Internship by Socially Souled will aim at providing basic concepts of Counselling to help you to apply them in your personal as well as professional life. This internship will also prepare you for more advanced concepts of Counselling Psychology.

The Counselling Psychology Internship by Socially Souled will aim at providing hands-on experience and training in Counselling. It will help you consolidate and enhance the skills required in therapy. 

By the end of the training, you will be able to identify the client’s psychological, emotional and behavioral needs and  facilitate a structured therapy plan addressing their needs. 

The training programme is open to: Students pursuing Counselling Psychology | Individuals looking to start their careers in the field of Psychology | Anyone interested and intrigued by the world of Psychology

Topics to be covered

• Introduction, meaning and approaches
• Myths about counseling
• Communication 
• Opening of a counseling relationship
• Building a counseling relationship
• Closing a counseling relationship 
• Case history and Mse taking 
• Importance of counseling 
• Skills regarding in counseling Communication
Questioning skills
Probing skills
Paraphrasing skills 
Reflective skills
Empathy skills
Nonverbal skills

• Different approaches to therapies.(CBT, Psychoanalysis, client centered) 
•Role play for each therapy
• Introdution to disorders

•Understanding Neurotic Disorders
Personality Disorder
Eating Disorder
Learning Disorders

• Developing e-interventions 
• Learning skills related to CBT,REBT, psychoanalysis, art therapy mindfulness.
• Introduction to disorders
•What therapy to use with what disorder
•Case examples and supervision with a psychologist

Learn with Spreeha Bezbaruah

Counselling Psychologist at Socially Souled

"My interest and passion for Psychology evoked when I started noticing my pet dog’s behaviours and various emotional states. From there on, I started observing the people around me and was deeply amazed at the differing behaviours produced by individuals in various situations. From the very beginning I wanted to work in the field of mental health. I believe mental health is as important as physical health and therefore I want to make therapy more accessible and feasible for people."


  • 🎓 Internship Certificate

  • 🧐 Weekly Assessment

  • 📚 Resource Material

  • 👩🏻‍💻Practical Learning

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  • 🗒 Internship Evaluation Report

  • 👋 Case Studies and evaluation

  • 🚀 Placement Assistance as per eligibility

  • 👍 Mock Sessions with supervision

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Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Anannya Gangwar
The workshop was excellent. It was quite useful.

The lessons' themes were instructive and fascinating. However, I believed the topics given were constrained for a month.

Vasundhra Sapehia
We learned a lot during this process.

The reference materials that your team provided were excellent. lessons are very well-organized, and themes are thoroughly understood. I would strongly advise people

I learned a lot of specific information about concepts I didn't previously understand and got a s...

Ma'am was excellent in every lecture; the real-life case studies she gave were all very enlightening, and I truly appreciated how she thoroughly explained every topic using concrete examples.

Vaidehi Muley
I got my career doubts answered.

Ma'am has provided excellent instruction throughout the internship. Without making the lessons boring, she went into great detail on the subjects. With the aid of talks and examples, we were able to link the theoretical portion to the practical understanding, which was really beneficial.

Shreya Chhabra
The workshop went quite well.

I had a great time learning with Socially Souled and thoroughly enjoyed the experience and knowledge I gained.

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