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  • Forensic Psychology Training based Internship
  • Forensic Psychology Training based Internship

Forensic Psychology Training based Internship

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Dive into the enthralling realm of criminal behavior with Socially Souled's Forensic Psychology Internship. This comprehensive program offers a unique intersection of psychology and criminal justice, unpacking the enigmas behind criminal minds. Delve into intricate debates, understand the nuances of the legal system, and master the craft of translating psychological insights into tangible court testimonies.

Who Should Enroll?
If OTT crime thrillers captivate you, or you've ever pondered on questions like "Are criminals born or made?", "Do children and adults differ in their criminal propensities?", or "How does gender influence crime?", this program awaits you. It's an ideal fit for those eager to understand the psyche behind criminal actions, explore rehabilitative measures, and gain a profound understanding of the symbiotic relationship between psychology and the justice system.

Program Highlights

Holistic Curriculum: Engage in an in-depth exploration of forensic psychology:

  • 120-Hour Module: Dive into the intricacies of crime and forensic psychology, understanding India's legal framework, debating criminal issues, exploring bio-psycho-social causes of crime, and immersing in experiential mock trials.
  • 240-Hour Module: Master advanced skills such as criminal profiling, discern the reliability of eyewitnesses, discuss the role of psychologists in India's prison system, and engage in debates about rehabilitation policies and practices.

• Crime & Forensic Psychology
• The legal system of India
• Debate on criminal issues
• Bio-psycho-social causes of crime
• Can forensic psychological instruments be submitted as evidence in court?
• Assignment on Mock Trial Scene
• Experiential learning by conducting mock cases

• How to profile criminals?
• Are eye witnesses reliable?
• The need of psychologists in Prisons of India
• Discussion of Policies/organization related to rehabilitation in prisons

Learn with Krupa Nishar

Forensic Psychologist at Socially Souled | Ex- Assistant Professor at National Forensic Sciences University I Tedx Speaker I Ex-Project Director at MHA, GOI I Researcher I Resource person at St. Xaviers College & IIM A

Ms. Krupa Nishar studied at Gujarat Forensic Sciences University, where she received a Gold medal and was ranked first in M.Sc. Forensic Psychology. She has a teaching experience of two and half years at National Forensic Sciences University. Along with training many Indian and International Police officers, she has been invited as a resource person at various national and international platforms like IIM Ahmedabad, St. Xaviers College Mumbai, University of Madras, TEDx talk to conduct workshops about the application of Forensic Psychology.

Why Choose Our Training?

  • Immersive Exploration: From mock trials to discussions on rehabilitation, experience the world of forensic psychology firsthand.
  • Pioneering Approach: Harness the synergy of theory and real-world applications, equipping you for nuanced court testimonies and impactful interventions.
  • Personalized Mentorship: Benefit from the unparalleled expertise of Krupa Nishar, ensuring a rich, insightful learning journey.


  • 🎓 Official Internship Certificate

    Emblem of your specialized expertise.

  • 🧐 Weekly Progress Assessments

    Continuous insights to hone your proficiency.

  • 📚 Comprehensive Materials

    Rich resources to feed your curiosity.

  • 👩🏻‍💻 Real-World Application

    Dive deep into practical scenarios, from mock trials to policy discussions.

  • 🗒 Constructive Feedback

    Detailed evaluation for growth-oriented learning.

  • 👋 Insightful Case Studies

    Experiences drawn from compelling criminal scenarios.

  • 🚀 Career Placement Support

    We open doors to the vibrant world of forensic psychology.

  • 👍 Expert-Supervised Sessions

    Sharpen your skills under Krupa Nishar's seasoned guidance.

This programme is suitable if:

  • You're a Crime Thriller Buff, Seeking Answers

    Transition from the screen's mysteries to real-world enigmas, delving deep into the psyche of criminals.

  • You're a Psychology Student, Keen on Specializing

    Explore the thrilling intersection of psychology and criminal justice, preparing for a dynamic career ahead.

  • You're a Legal Professional, Eager for Psychological Insights

    Equip yourself with profound knowledge of criminal behavior, enhancing your courtroom strategies and understanding.

  • You're an Academic, Venturing into Forensic Research

    Enrich your studies and research endeavors by grounding them in practical forensic insights and experiences.

  • You're a Curious Mind, Ready to Dive Deep

    If the world of crime, justice, and psychology beckons, here's your comprehensive passport into its intricate realms.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Khyati Gupta


Haifa Qazi
nice experience overall

it was a nice experience overall

too theoretical and there weren't much activities

The internship was nice but I felt that it was way too theoretical and there weren't much activities or practical aspects to it. The tasks given were interesting and engaging but I felt there could be more forensic psychology centric.

tara khanna

Extremely mismanaged. Disappointing experience, I do not recommend this whatsoever.

Sanya Saini
was quite intriguing and allowed me to discover new ideas.

The mock trials and debate were really excellent, and the course as a whole was fantastic. I'm excited to use the platform to  learn more. We appreciate the opportunity you provided for us to learn difficult concepts in such an easy manner.

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  • Forensic Psychology Training based Internship
  • Forensic Psychology Training based Internship
Choose your Batch:
Days & Time
Number of hours