Forensic Psychology Training based Internship

Forensic Psychology Training based Internship

Forensic psychology involves relationships with central, state and local law enforcement agencies; criminal lawyers and the Court; corrections and treatment facilities. Criminology is the scientific study of crime as a social phenomenon, of criminals, and of penal treatment
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Is this Training Programme for you?

Anyone who is interested in criminal behaviour and is fascinated by OTT crime thriller series can enrol in this programme. If you ask yourself questions such as, “Are criminals born or made?”; “Is a criminal a societal victim?”; “Do criminals’ brains function differently?”; “How do men and women differ when it comes to committing crimes?”; “Why do children commit crimes?”, then this programme is for you. This programme will provide you with the theoretical knowledge and practical learning to answer these questions.

The Forensic Psychology Internship by Socially Souled will aim at providing experience and training in testifying in court as an associate in nursing witness, reformulating psychological findings into the legal language of the court and providing data to legal personnel. Writing reports and court testimony that are scientifically valid that combines a powerful science background with solid investigative skills.

The training programme is open to: Students pursuing Forensic Psychology | Anyone interested and intrigued by the world of Forensic Psychology & Criminology

Topics to be covered

• Crime & Forensic Psychology
• The legal system of India
• Debate on criminal issues
• Bio-psycho-social causes of crime
• Can forensic psychological instruments be submitted as evidence in court?
• Assignment on Mock Trial Scene
• Experiential learning by conducting mock cases

• How to profile criminals?
• Are eye witnesses reliable?
• The need of psychologists in Prisons of India
• Discussion of Policies/organization related to rehabilitation in prisons

Learn with Krupa Nishar

Forensic Psychologist at Socially Souled | Ex- Assistant Professor at National Forensic Sciences University I Tedx Speaker I Ex-Project Director at MHA, GOI I Researcher I Resource person at St. Xaviers College & IIM A

Ms. Krupa Nishar studied at Gujarat Forensic Sciences University, where she received a Gold medal and was ranked first in M.Sc. Forensic Psychology. She has a teaching experience of two and half years at National Forensic Sciences University. Along with training many Indian and International Police officers, she has been invited as a resource person at various national and international platforms like IIM Ahmedabad, St. Xaviers College Mumbai, University of Madras, TEDx talk to conduct workshops about the application of Forensic Psychology.


  • 🎓 Internship Certificate

  • 🧐 Weekly Assessment

  • 📚 Resource Material

  • 👩🏻‍💻Practical Learning

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  • 🗒 Internship Evaluation Report

  • 👋 Case Studies and evaluation

  • 🚀 Placement Assistance as per eligibility

  • 👍 Mock Sessions with supervision

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Sanya Saini
was quite intriguing and allowed me to discover new ideas.

The mock trials and debate were really excellent, and the course as a whole was fantastic. I'm excited to use the platform to  learn more. We appreciate the opportunity you provided for us to learn difficult concepts in such an easy manner.

Vanshika Nagda
well structured

The workshop was a fun, informative and interactive one. The basics were made very clear and the resources shared were good too.

Annanya Kaushal
Informative and intriguing

It was a very interesting workshop, I gained a lot of knowledge about forensic psychology and had the opportunity to interact with others.

Dipshikha Thakuria
lovely experience

It was very interesting internship. Got to know about forensic psychology in detail. As most of us don’t know actually what is taught in forensic psychology field, here we got an practical exprience of the field. The quizzes and role play sessions was fun and interesting.

Trisha Biswas
Helped in brushing my skills

It was a great experience and very interesting too. Never did something like this before

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