Queer Affirmative Therapy: A Comprehensive 6-Week Course

Empower Yourself with the Skills and Knowledge to Support and Advocate for the LGBTQ+ Community.

  • Queer Affirmative Therapy Course
  • Queer Affirmative Therapy Course

Queer Affirmative Therapy Course

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What will you learn in the course?

  • Explore the intricate difference between gender & sex.
  • Dive into the LGBTQ+ community, understanding issues specific to various subgroups.
  • Get acquainted with a wide range of terms and concepts, including gender dysmorphia.

  • Learn about the unique intimacy preferences and concerns within the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Gain insights into relationship & couple counseling tailored to LGBTQ+ needs.
  • Master therapy techniques for families, including role play and drama therapy.

  • Develop strategies to address low self-esteem and encourage inner child healing.
  • Understand the importance of lifestyle changes and client goal setting.

  • Learn about the diversity in sexual history and the role of a queer affirmative therapist.
  • Explore how to bring about societal changes and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.

Why choose this Course?

  • Certificate of completion, recognizing your expertise in queer-affirmative therapy.

  • Comprehensive understanding of LGBTQ+ issues and therapy approaches.

  • Continuous support and networking opportunities within the LGBTQ+ advocacy community.

  • Access to hands-on exercises, real-life case studies, and live sessions.

If you're any of the following, the course is for you:

  • You're an Aspiring Queer Affirmative Therapist

    If you're aspiring to specialize in queer affirmative therapy, this course acts as a stepping stone, granting you a foundational knowledge of the community's unique needs and therapeutic approaches, guiding your journey towards professional mastery.

  • You're a Therapist Aiming to Diversify Your Practice

    As a practicing therapist or counselor, expanding your expertise to queer affirmative therapy can significantly widen your clientele, helping you address and support a more diverse range of individuals.

  • You're a Psychology Student or Researcher

    For those academically inclined, this course offers invaluable insights into the application of therapeutic techniques tailored to the LGBTQ+ community, enriching your academic understanding and research endeavours.

  • You're an LGBTQ+ Advocate or Community Worker

    For advocates and community workers, understanding the nuances of queer affirmative therapy can better equip you to provide guidance, resources, and support to LGBTQ+ individuals seeking therapeutic help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find the most frequently asked questions below.

This course delves deep into understanding LGBTQ+ specific needs, challenges, and therapeutic approaches. Over four modules, participants will explore various aspects, from understanding gender and sex nuances to becoming a proficient queer-affirmative therapist.

This course is tailor-made for therapists, counselors, social workers, healthcare providers, educators, and anyone keen on supporting the LGBTQ+ community more effectively.

Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of LGBTQ+ specific issues, therapy techniques tailored for the community, strategies for personal growth and healing, and a comprehensive overview of practicing as a queer-affirmative therapist.

With LGBTQ+ advocacy gaining momentum, understanding and mastering queer affirmative therapy can make you a preferred choice for clients within the community. It can set you apart and enrich your therapeutic practice.

Upon course completion, participants will have access to resource materials for reference and the opportunity to join a community for continued learning and discussions on queer affirmative therapy.

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Our Queer Affirmative Therapy course is conducted live to facilitate real-time interactions and rich discussions. For those unable to attend live sessions, recorded versions will be made available.

Certainly. All attendees who successfully finish the course will receive a recognized certificate of completion.

  Recordings will be provided.

No, we have strict non-refundable and non-cancellation policies. You can read about the same through the policies section on our website. However, if you are unable to attend due to genuine reasons, we'll issue a gift card of the same value that can be redeemed anytime on our website.

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  • Queer Affirmative Therapy Course
  • Queer Affirmative Therapy Course
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